Are you tired of being a failure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Did you just fail?

Every now and then i get an email from a person who feels really bad because he has been going from one failure to another. I usually respond to such emails by pointing out that failure can be an important step that leads to future success. But as the number of those emails kept growing i decided to write an article to show everyone who failed that he is not alone and that success can happen after failure.

My quest to the Million & my Failures

In 2004 i set a goal to become a millionaire. I was so passionate about that goal that it become the most important thing in my life. I believed that i will reach that goal by 2006. I gave myself 2 years and few months to achieve that goal and here is what happened:

  • I decided to create a weekly magazine that teaches people computers and programming but it failed before we even started
  • I wrote a book about body language. It took me months but it was rejected by publishers
  • I tried to start 3 different companies that all failed and i changed my job twice in 9 months
  • 2006 came and i didn't just fail to achieve the goal but i also lost a lot of money in the stock market

I managed to reach my goal by 2010 after so many failed attempts. I have attempted to start so many business that failed that i actually lost count of the number of failures i have gone through.

Next Came the quest to the billion

In early 2012 i decided that i want to create a 1 Billion dollar business. Shortly i was working on my 1st project. Spotograph, a social network that helps people locate new and interesting places.

  • By Mid 2012 Spotograph was declared a failure.
  • I attempted to make a 3D virtual reality game but the team abandoned the project before we even started
  • I joined some friends who were working on a social network for Dog owners but the product development took too long then the launch failed
  • I wrote a novel and i believed it can sell millions of copies but it only sold hundreds
  • I started a social network for positivity only, got 30,000 registered users who made 100,000 posts then it failed. See (why optimistnet failed).

Now i am working on the Fifth attempt which is called Speeli, a site that intends to summarize the Internet's knowledge into lists.

Moral of the story

You might never be able to become successful in life before you fail. Yes some people can get very lucky and succeed from the First attempt but that rarely happens. Most successful entrepreneurs only reach success after failing more than once.

Do you know why failure is bothering you so much?
It's because you see it from the wrong angle.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the difference between successful people and the ones who don't succeed is the way they see failure.

Failure is just a step that can help you know few more facts that you didn't know before. As you use those facts in your next attempt your chance of success will become much higher. But if you decided to feel bad and stop trying then certainly failure is going to turn into a shameful event that you will never get over.

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