why do so many people fail to succeed in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A tough Game

Yesterday i was playing an old amazing strategy game called age of empires. Because I am good at that game i set the difficulty to hardest and i attempted to win but i found it very difficult to beat two armies together on that level.

Whenever i found that things went completely wrong i used to load the game and start from a previous point. After 3 days of trying i decided that i wont play the game again because it wastes my time.

One day i had some free time so i decided to give the game another try. This time i was more focused and i started to notice that i keep doing certain mistakes that prevent me from winning. I didn't discover all the mistakes at once but i kept discovering them one by one each time i loaded the game and started over.

With each failed attempt i made a little change to my strategy and tested it again. After more than twenty attempts i managed to defeat the two armies i was fighting against.

What computer games can teach us about success in life

Whether its a computer game, a life skill you are trying to learn or a goal you are trying to reach success works the same way. First you fail without knowing why or understanding what's going on. Then after that you start over and try again. During the next attempt you might discover one of those little mistakes you did earlier and so you avoid it this time.

If avoiding this mistake wasn't sufficient, which is usually the case, then you will fail again. During the third attempt you might discover another mistake that you were doing and so you change your strategy a bit more.

As you keep trying and changing your strategy you will end up with a mistake free strategy that will bring you tremendous success.

Some people think that success is all about trying over and over but this is only a part of the truth. success is all about trying over and over while changing your strategy each time and fixing the mistakes you did on the previous attempts. (see also The fear of making mistakes)

Why do so many people fail to succeed in life?

    1) They don't get the concepts: A typical person will keep loading the game and starting over whenever he fails. Now when that same person fails in real life he might give up and never try again. In other words, its the lack of understanding of success concepts that is responsible for the failure of so many people
  • 2) They get bored: Computer games can be extremely interesting and as a result we might never get bored of the continues tries but real life is completely different. After few failed attempts those who don't have true passion for what they are doing usually give up. In other words if you tried to succeed in an area where you don't have enough passion then the possibility of giving up will be much higher and this will certainly increase the possibility of failure
  • 3) They don't change their strategy: People keep trying to do the same things using the same methods then they wonder why their methods never worked. For the first 10 attempts i kept trying the same strategy which is attacking the other army directly and i kept failing. Even though i was attacking them at different points still the main strategy was the same which is attacking the other army. Now when i thought about attacking their food and wood supplies i got different results because i completely changed my strategy. In order to succeed in life you need to be flexible to modify your strategy after each failed attempt

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