Overcoming the fear of making mistakes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Overcoming the fear of making mistakes

Many people out there have intense fear of making mistakes.
Those people don't just find it hard to fail or to make a mistake but they also suffer from a low self esteem as a result of their way of thinking.

All humans make mistakes and thus if someone believed that making a mistake makes him less worthy than others then each and every day his self confidence will go lower as the result of the mistakes he makes.

But why do some people find it really shameful to make a mistake while others consider it a part of the human nature?

The difference between the two groups lies in their belief system and in the way they have been treated when they were children. (see How childhood experiences affect adulthood).

Because such negative beliefs about making mistakes can lower your self confidence i decided to write this article to tell you how to overcome the fear of making mistakes.

Understanding the fear of making mistakes

If you want to overcome the fear of making mistakes then you must first examine your belief system to find out whether you have any of the following negative beliefs:

  • I can learn without making mistakes: Do you know how learning happens? its a process of continuously making mistakes and adjusting your methods until you no longer make mistakes. No wonder people who think that mistaking is shameful have a low self esteem for they never give themselves the chance to develop a new skill that can make them feel good about themselves:
  • Its shameful to make a mistake: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when people are brought up to believe that making mistakes is a shameful act they lose their self confidence when they grow up because the human nature always forces them to make mistakes. This belief is usually learned when the parents shout at the little kid or embarrass him in public when he makes a mistake. At this point the child starts to believe that its too shameful to make a mistake (see Top 10 parenting mistakes)

So how to overcome the fear of making mistakes?

In order to overcome the fear of making mistakes you must understand that mistaking is an essential step for learning.

Because you will never be able to develop a new skill without passing through the learning phase you will never be able to reach anything before you make some mistakes!

Do you know why some people want to avoid mistakes? its because they believe that they are less worthy than others and as a result they want to hide their flaws by never drawing the attention to them!

In such a case a person believes that the best way to hide his flaws is to appear as perfect as he can and this is where perfectionism comes from. (see Why is perfectionism a bad thing)

Perfectionism is just a defense mechanism that some people who don't feel good about themselves use to hide their flaws!

In short if you want to overcome the fear of making mistakes you must understand that mistaking is a normal part of the human nature.

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