What makes a person worthy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What makes a person worthy?

What makes a person worthy and what makes someone worthless?
ask 10 different people that same question and you will get 10 different answers.
The reason this will happen is that each and every person evaluates the worth of others using his own private logic.

if you asked that question to people in public they might respond saying that honesty, usefulness to the society and other good traits makes a person worthy but if you asked the same people the same question while putting them on the lie detection machine you will find each of them saying completely different things.

The private logic most people use to judge others is usually full of mistakes and flaws. For example some people judge others solely on appearance or race and as a result they determine the worth of others based on their looks.

Those people will never admit such a fact when confronted because most people will find it embarrassing to the bring the nonsense in their private logic to the surface.

So the question is still there, what makes a person worthy?

Worthy according to whom??

Justin was an a handsome and successful guy but he didn't have a high self esteem because he always used to assess his worth based on the opinion of others.

Sarah, didn't like Justin because she thought that is taking life too seriously. Sarah was not by any means successful or happy but her private logic stated that people should always relax and enjoy their time in order to live a good life and that's why she didn't like Justin.

Sarah never knew that the reason she likes to do nothing is that she lacked the courage to step out of her comfort zone even though she was unhappy with her life.

Jasmine liked Justin so much because according to her private logic successful or ambitious men are much more worthy than other men.

Justin knew that Jasmine liked him and he also knew that Sarah didn't. Because he had a low self esteem he assumed that he is not worthy just because Sarah, who was very attractive, didn't like him.

According to Justin's private logic the more attractive a person is the more worthy he will become and that's why Sarah's opinion meant a lot to him!

Just as you saw in the previous example, each and every person assesses the worth of others based on his own rules which might be way far from the truth.

Is Justin really a worthy person?

The mistake justin made is that he used the wrong rules to assess his value and the value of others. Had he been more rational he would have discovered that Sarah needs help and that her opinion should not carry any weight.

You might be wondering why am i telling you such stories, right?
Because i want to point out to you that you are doing the same as justin!

What rules are you using to evaluate your worth?
What standards are you comparing yourself to?
Who sets these standards?
Who said that the amount of money you have measures your worth? A friend of yours said that? then your friend's private logic is stupid!!

Who said that your worth is determined by the private logic of others?
Who said that the rules they use to judge others are right?

Do you know what really makes a person worthy??
Its believing that he is worthy with disregard to the messed up private logic people use to evaluate him with.

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