How friends affect your self esteem

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How friends affect your self esteem

There are two major factors that affects self esteem negatively. The first is putting yourself down and the second is refraining from learning the skills that you lack in life (see Learning and self esteem)

So what does these reasons have to do with your friends? and how can your friends affect your self esteem?

In fact your friends,if they were not well informed about psychology and most of them aren't, could affect your self esteem in a horrible way.

I have said earlier that sometimes people lack self esteem because they keep doing the incorrect things or repeating the same negative thinking patters over and over. Your friends can be the ones who guide you towards these thinking patterns and that's how they can affect your self esteem without you even noticing.

If you are serious about increasing your self esteem then you must learn more about the way your friends affect your self esteem so that you can avoid the possible damage they can cause you.

This is how your friends affect your self esteem

Here are some ways with which your friends affect your self esteem:

  • 1) Your friends can dramatically reduce your self esteem: People who feel inferior to others always keep comparing themselves to them and they always try to find problems with themselves. So how can such friends affect your self esteem? Simply because they got used to scanning for any possible flaws they will try to find as many flaws in you as they can. For example such friends might comment negatively on your shirt, hair style or an action that you took. If you believed those friends you will lose your self esteem while if you understood that the problem is with their thinking patterns your self esteem will not be affected.
  • 2) Your friends can limit your potential: If you were an ambitious person who was surrounded by non ambitious friends then most likely they will try to put you down whenever you attempt to do something that they never managed to do. Don't underestimate the effect of such programming on your mind. In my article subconscious mind programming i explained how the continues repetition of a statement by your friends can turn it into a solid belief.
  • 3) Your friends can infect you with their limiting beliefs: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that One of the most powerful ways friends can affect your self esteem negatively is by transferring their own limiting beliefs to you. If for example you wanted to start your own business and a friend of yours believed that its not possible he might try to convince you to believe in his own false beliefs and most likely you will believe him if you didn't have enough faith!!

How to prevent your friends from affecting your self esteem

Unless you have really confident friends then most likely your friends are going to put you down using the previously mentioned methods. (see Why do some people criticize others and put them down)

The best way to prevent your friends from affecting your self esteem in a negative way is to understand that their own low self esteem could be the main reason they are putting you down, criticizing your actions or trying to keep you in your comfort zone forever.

Most people lack self esteem and when they find someone attempting to do what they never did they quickly put him down in order in order to keep their false beliefs about life intact. After all if you succeeded in doing something that your friends never managed to do then their belief systems will be shaken and they will lose the excuses they have always used to explain why they are not successful in their own lives.

In my previous article How to overcome rejection i said that the best way to prevent people from affecting your self esteem is to tell them that they are wrong when they put you down.

You can either tell them that directly or prove them wrong after sometime by succeeding.
Beware of your friends for they can affect your self esteem in a negative way.

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