The connection between self esteem and learning

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The connection between self esteem and learning

What is the connection between self esteem and learning?
Can learning a new skill increase self esteem?
Can i have a higher self esteem without learning anything new?

Statements such "knowledge is power" sound cliche to most people not because there is a problem with the statement itself but rather because of problems with people's understanding of self esteem and life in general.

In fact without learning your self esteem won't only be low but it will be ruined completely to the extent that you will feel worthless!!

In this article i will tell you about the connection between self esteem and learning.

How is self esteem connected to learning

What is self esteem?
Its the belief that you can meet the life challenges you face. People who manage to solve their life problems and face the different life challenges always have a high self esteem while those who feel helpless towards their problems usually have a low self esteem.

In fact, feelings of inferiority arise when a person finds himself unable to face life challenges in the areas that are important to him.

So what does this has to do with the connection between self esteem and learning?
In fact no one was born equipped with all the skills and knowledge he needs to face life challenges and that's why a person needs to learn more in order to be better equipped to face life.

How learning can enhance self esteem

When life sends people tough problems there are usually three ways in which different categories of people respond to these challenges.:

  • Indifference: A large number of people ignore their problems and decide not to face them. They don't consider learning more about the problems to be an option and they prefer to act as if they don't notice them. This group of people usually ends up depressed
  • Running: The majority of people run when they face problems. They try to keep themselves busy, they develop bad habits that help them forget about their problems and they do everything they can other than learning how to solve the problem. Those people end up feeling helpless, down and usually end up depressed too
  • Knowledge seekers: This is the group that has the highest self esteem. Those people understand that they shouldn't be prepared to face all life problems and that's why they try to learn more whenever they face a problem that they can't handle. When those people learn the missing skills they need they usually get over their problems and as a result they develop a very high self esteem

Final words about learning and self esteem

In short, if you care about building self esteem then you must understand that learning is one of the most important things you must do.

Instead of crying, feeling helpless or feeling bad try to learn about the different ways that can help you deal with your problems and once you solve them your self esteem will soar.

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