The relationship between success and self esteem

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is there any relation between success and self esteem?

No there isn’t. There are super successful people who are ashamed of being who they are and there are people who have achieved nothing but feel super confident.

Success can increase ones self esteem and one of the advice that is always recommended for those who want to build self esteem is to set some goals and achieve them.

But if lack of self confidence was coming from within and not from the fact that you are not successful then success will never add anything to your self confidence but it will only act as a mask to cover your deeply rooted inferiority feelings.

Success and self esteem

I have seen people with average looks who think that they look like super models while I have seen super models who think that they have average looks.

I know very successful people who have never felt self confident in dealing with others and I know very confident people who have never been successful.

I know that this might seem confusing but it’s all going to be clear when you divide self confidence into fields instead of just considering it a generalized trait.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that If a very successful business man had a poor self image then he will always feel confident when being in his office or when talking about work but when it comes to meeting new people he will not feel confident because of his poor self image.

How to let success fuel your self esteem?

Divide your self confidence into fields, for example self confidence in relationships, career, health and sports. Examine each field and find your self confidence level in each one of them then work on fixing each self confidence level separately.

In short, career related achievements will only lead to career related self confidence while self image related achievements will only result in relationships related self confidence.

Fix all of your confidence levels in your different confidence fields and you will become a very confident person.

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