Why my self esteem is so low

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why my self esteem is so low

Why my self esteem is so low?
That's an important question that many people ask.
Before i can tell you the answer to this question i must first tell you how beliefs are formed.

Beliefs are formed as a result of getting introduced to new facts that either let you create new beliefs or that let you modify your already existing ones.

Now the thing that many people don't know about beliefs is that they weaken by time if they were not strengthened or if something weakened them. (see Changing negative core beliefs)

So what does all this has to do with a low self esteem?
The reason your self esteem might be so low is either that your beliefs about yourself weakened or either that they were weak from the beginning.

This is why your self esteem is so low

In many of my self confidence articles i said that self esteem is nothing more than a set of beliefs that you have about yourself. If you managed to develop powerful positive beliefs about yourself you will have a very high self esteem while if you didn't manage to do that then your self esteem will become lower.

Even if you managed to develop solid positive beliefs you will still lose your self esteem over time if you didn't learn how to keep those beliefs intact! (see also How to change negative beliefs)

sounds scary huh? here is how to make sure that you will maintain a high self esteem throughout your life:

  • 1) Fix your self talk: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that negative self talk is the number one factor that weakens the positive beliefs you have about yourself. If you always put yourself down or if you always criticize yourself during your self talk then certainly after some time you will have a very low self esteem
  • 2) Incorrect perception There is another factor which is as dangerous as negative self talk which is incorrect perception. People usually see events in a biased way that matches their own negative beliefs. If a girl has a low self esteem because she thinks that she is fat then each unfriendly look she gets from others will be misinterpreted as if its a sign of dislike for her looks. As a result this girl will have a low self esteem that will keep going lower as the time passes (see also How to be more confident about yourself)
  • 3) Life events: The way you respond to life events can greatly affect your self esteem. Lets suppose that after being fired from your work you become depressed and helpless instead of trying to find a way out. If this happened then your self esteem will become lower. Now the more you fail to deal with life events the lower your self esteem will become
  • 4) Deadly Comparisons: Some people lose their self esteem as a result of the comparisons they keep doing all day. Usually people compare themselves to others when they find something that they dont like about themselves and not the other way around. That's why people who keep doing this bad habit usually end up with a very low self esteem

How to prevent yourself from developing a low self esteem

Now you knew that your beliefs about yourself, which are the foundations of your self, confidence keep changing all the time.

The conclusion you should have reached by now is that unless you develop positive thinking habits you will end up losing your self esteem even if you currently have a high self esteem. (see Ways to raise your self esteem)

Self esteem is not constant but it changes with time and the one factor that contributes the most to these changes is your thinking patterns.

Now back to your question, if you are wondering why your self esteem is so low then let me tell you that the answer lies in your way of thinking.

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