I Deserve More Recognition

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I Deserve More Recognition

Don’t you sometimes feel that you deserve more credit than what you've been given?

I'm not talking about money but I'm talking about recognition. Don’t you sometimes feel that you were overlooked,that your accomplishments weren't properly recognized or even worse that you have been completely ignored?

The friends who don't give you credit for what you do or the promotion that you haven't received even though you deserved it and hundreds of other situations can make you end up thinking that your talents are not recognized.

If that’s the case, don’t worry, because in the next few years everyone will be in the place that he/she deserves. The skilled person will be recognized and those who don't deserve recognition will descend back to where they came from. Wondering how this will happen? Just read further.

Deserving Social Recognition

It was almost impossible to know all of this information about my friends and acquaintances as well as millions of other people I don't know before social networking websites came into existence.

HI5, face book and similar websites enabled us to observe the social position of a person, whether people love or hate him or whether he is an interesting person or not.

You can easily know the number of people that someone knows compared to others, the number of friends that someone has, how people think of someone and who exactly is that person.

If people don’t know how great you are or how many skills you have then don't worry about it. In the information age data is expanding faster than you can imagine and you can easily learn many things about someone you have never met before just by checking his profile on these websites.

Sooner or later the person who deserves recognition will be recognized, it’s a matter of waiting until information systems continue their evolution and until all the right information about you becomes accessible to anyone.

The Qualified workers will Take the Jobs of the unqualified Ones

Just few years ago hearing about someone who can work from home by remotely connecting to his office was considered weird. Now statistics show that about 10% of Americans workers are in fact remote workers.

Do you know what can such a trend do to the job market?
It can make labor accessible from the whole world and not just the company’s home country.

This means that if you deserve recognition because you are skilled then sooner or later you will get the job of someone who lives in another country !! The result will be that the qualified people will get recognized. You are not only going to be competing with your local peers but with all qualified people all over the globe.

And it's not only about working from home but even jobs that require physical presence will be given to those who deserve them. The evolution of information systems will facilitate making your resume or profile more visible to your employers.

With the increasing number of online databases that include information about skilled people, the more qualified person will be noticed; with a single mouse click hundreds of unworthy CVs would be removed from the search results.

Are You Ready for the Competition?

Those were only two examples, but if you observe the speed of the evolution of technology you will be able to think of many more examples like the ones above.

My prediction for the near future is that people will come closer to where they deserve to be because of these fast changes in information systems and technology in general.

The number of people you are competing with you will increase and the person who deserves recognition will be recognized much easier than before. The only question i have for you is, are you ready for the competition?

Deserving more recognition and Depression

If you kept feeling that you deserve more recognition for a long period of time without doing actual efforts to get recognized then you will develop the belief that life is unfair and you will end up depressed.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how developing false beliefs such as "i am not lucky" or "life is unfair" can result in developing depression. After all depression is nothing more than loss of hope. If you gave up to life problems and developed such beliefs you will end up depressed while if you took actions and fought for what you want you will be less likely to get depressed.

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Are you ready for the competition?

No, I am not even employed. Help me!

No, tell me how to beat the competition.

No, tell me how to make people admire me.

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