Celebrity face reading: Arnold schwarzenegger

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Celebrity Face Reading

Because of the huge number of requests I got asking me to include pictures in the face reading section, I decided to write a new series of articles about face reading for real celebrities. Our celebrity this time is going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger; the mayor and movie star :)

Face reading for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold has got lots of positive personality traits that allow him to perfectly fit in different kinds of jobs. I am not just saying so to prove that face reading is correct but you will come to the same conclusion yourself when you read the analysis of his facial features.

Forehead: His wide forehead shows that he is a very
Intelligent person (a small forehead doesn’t mean that the person is
Not intelligent) and the lines passing across his forehead show
that he has powerful mental abilities.

Cheek bones: Arnold’s protruding cheek bones show that he has
loads of courage and that he leaves a good first impression.

Eyebrows: Arnold’s straight eye brows show that he is a logical
Thinker; he believes in facts and logic more than anything else.

Nose: Arnold’s straight nose shows that he is a good long term planner.
As you can see, the man is intelligent, a logical thinker and a good long term planner; a combination that is good enough to make him a good mayor.

Chin: Arnold’s relatively big chin shows that he has the tendency to take physical risks and that he has got high physical endurance.

Eye to eyebrows distance: Arnold’s eyebrow is very close to his eyes which show that he processes information quickly and that he has got the tendency to act on the spot instead of waiting. Arnold may have the tendency to interrupt people while talking because he makes conclusions faster than the average speaker.

Lips: Arnold’s Lips appear to be small; this means that he will give you the chance to talk instead of forcing you to listen to him.


If someone’s behavior has changed and his facial features haven't caught up with that change then face reading may not give a 100% correct readings. Thus, I cannot claim that every single piece of information in this article is correct unless Arnold confirms it himself.

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