Face Reading: Eyebrows

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Face Reading (personology) and Eyebrows

According to face reading The shape of the eyebrows identifies different personality traits that are related to thinking styles.

In addition to the way a person thinks there are lots of other things that can be known by checking how the eyebrows look like. You should take special care with women because of the cosmetics they use which can totally reshape the eyebrows and so give false signatures. Below are some different shapes of eyebrows and their associated personality traits.

Eyebrow types in face reading

  • Straight eyebrows (The logical): When eyebrows are straight (like a straight line) then this means that this person is a logical thinker. If you want to convince him to believe in something then you must only use logic and solid proofs. Don't try to convince him using emotional arguments, for example don't say something like "Hey, this is good; I feel its great" but instead tell him something like "It has lots of benefits, number one is bla bla and number two is bla bla bla". Using a pen and a paper is the best way to convince such a person as you can point out all the advantages and disadvantages of the issue you are talking about.
  • Meeting eyebrows (The non-stop thinker): when the eye brows are connected in such a way that they meet each other through a bridge of hair then know that this person is a non-stop thinker. Such a person can't relax; he is always thinking and evaluating everything around him. If you are one of those people then make sure you learn how to relax not to ruin your health. That person may also suffer from sleeping problems when a major event in his life happens because of his continues thinking
  • Angled eyebrows (The authority seeker): You must take a great deal of care when dealing with such a person. The person with angled eyebrows that have an inverted "v" shape always seeks control and authority. Try noticing how many presidents have angled eyebrows and you'd be surprised. Those people usually fight fiercely for authority and high status. If you want to get along with this person then make him feel important; try to catch his name on your first meeting so you can use it again. motivating that person is very easy, just give him more control and make him feel that everything is depending on him.
  • Thin eye brows (The sensitive): Very thin eyebrows may mean that the person is overly sensitive, especially if he has delicate facial features, like small eyes, nose or mouth. When dealing with that person, pay extra attention not to hurt him as he is more sensitive than other people.
  • Curved eye brows (The friendly): A person with curved eyebrows (sometimes called round eyebrows) is a friendly person by nature. This is also the case with all people who have round face features; round cheeks or chin. This person understands best by examples and metaphors.

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