Reasons for Divorce Series: Financial Problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Reasons for Divorce

When I decided to write the reasons for divorce series I had two main goals in my mind: the first was to help married couples avoid the problems that could lead to divorce, the second was to educate people who were already divorced so that they know how to prevent this from happening again.

Divorce and Financial Problems

If, while driving, someone suddenly crossed your lane in a reckless way will you shout and scream at him? Most probably your answer will be that it depends on your mood. If you were feeling great that day you may forgive him while if you were stressed and in a hurry then you may start a fight with him.

So we can conclude that under the effect of stress, our behaviour differs a lot than when we are relaxed and happy. An important question that you should ask yourself is, what if you were put under stress for a prolonged period of time? What do you think your behaviour will be like?

You will probably find that you're smiling less often, shouting more, becoming more aggressive and losing your temper for the smallest reason. This behaviour will definitely lead to lots of fights and quarrels with your spouse and you may end up getting a divorce.

What Can Cause this Endless Stress?

The direct answer to this important question is: financial problems!!
When someone takes your turn in a queue or when someone steps on your foot in a public place then you may become stressed for a short while.

But when you can't find money to meet your needs or to live a good life then most probably the amount of stress is going to be intolerable. When there are kids who may suffer from the consequences of the financial problems or when you become unable to meet your old friends because you are no longer able to keep up with their standards of living then your stress levels are going to soar.

In short, financial problems is one of the leading causes for divorce.

What’s the Solution?

So if cash shortage is going to cause all of these problems and if you are not rich then what can you do? The answer is simple, you are not rich because you don’t know how to become rich but if you are serious about it then read this article and will can learn how to earn a good amount of money.

Being rich is a skill that can be learned and not something that is inherited or that people are born with. I am sure that you have seen many poor people making incredible fortunes and many rich people losing their money. In other words, the starting point is not what matters but what matters is the money making skills.

I am not saying that every couple who have financial problems will end up divorced but what I'm trying to say is that by eliminating financial problems from your life you will reduce the chance of divorce and you will be able to live a happier life.

Another solution

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So what do you think?

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Show me another article about divorce.

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