Do women like hairy men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Women like masculine men

In my book The psychology of physical attraction i explained how women tend to find masculine looking men more attractive than ordinary men. I also said that while there are exceptions to that rule still the majority of women usually prefer that strong looking macho man.

In my article about why women like Bad boys i said that one of the reasons women like bad boys is that they unconsciously believe that they are more dominant than other men. In other words women seem to have a natural tendency to be with men who are strong, dominant and having high levels of testosterone.

And guess what?
One of the signs that show that a man has higher levels of testosterone than other men is having dense hair that grows all over his body.

Now based on this fact you might have concluded that women find men with hairy bodies more attractive than their less hairy peers, right?

Well that's not correct. In this article i will tell you why when it comes to being hairy women can have totally different preferences even though its a clear sign that the man is more masculine.

One plus one doesn't equal two

A study has found that women tend to find men with hairy chests less attractive if they lived in areas where parasite infection risk is high. Because body hair can promote disease transmission women tend to find men with more body hair less attractive if they lived in places where infection risk is high.

When i talked about Physical attraction psychology i said that attraction doesn't follow a 1+1 equals 2 approach but instead certain information have to be processed in a certain way before a person can be considered attractive.

Another study has found that women tend to favor men who have similar body hair distribution to their fathers. But again had those women hated their fathers then they might have looked for a male who doesn't resemble their fathers.

And to show you how complicated things are let me tell you that a woman can try to attract a man who resembles her father even if she hated her father just to prove to herself that she can succeed in taming that kind of men. See Why do we get attracted to people who resemble our parents.

In addition to all that women tend to change their preferences for the type of males they prefer throughout their menstrual cycle. While ovulating women , one's who are very likely to get pregnant,usually favor macho men still this works in an opposite way when it comes to chest hair.

If there is a high parasite infection risk then women will find the man with more hair less attractive , when she is ovulating, because that parasite risk might threaten the upcoming offspring.

The media created a new standard

I have written many articles about how the media can influence our tastes when it comes to physical attraction through mind programming. See Why do people judge others on appearance

In this century the media has been doing a great job in promoting the appeal of the man who has shaved body hair. In other words beauty standards are being overridden again by the media and this time it seems like less hairy men are becoming more attractive to women.

One final thing to consider. If the man doesn't look very masculine then shaving his body hair can actually be a turn off since it might make him seem even less masculine.

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