Five famous people who were about to give up earlier in their lives

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Famous people thought of giving up too

Some personal development preachers mistakenly make people believe that the road to success is easy. But the truth is that its so hard that many of the famous people you know today thought about quitting one day.

Some of the famous brands you are using today weren't going to exist because the people behind them were about to stop pursuing their dreams as things got very difficult for them. If you aim to do anything serious in life then you must understand that those who made it were humans like you and that they experienced horrible days just like the ones you might be going through today.

If you asked any successful person whether he thought about quitting or not you will be surprised to find that most people who made it thought about quitting at least for one day.

Five famous people who were about to give up earlier in their lives

  • 1) Ben Silbermann (Pinterest): Ben might not be that famous but his brand Pinterest surely is. During one interview Ben pointed out that he thought about giving up and that he didn't do it just because he was so embarrassed to let his employers know that he gave up on his project months after leaving his day job
  • 2) Coca-cola: The initial founder of coca-cola who was a pharmacist sold the company to a group of investors after making a net loss during the first year. During that period he sold less than 10 drinks a day.
  • 3) Stephen king: Stephen king threw his first script in the garbage after getting rejected so many times. His wife got it out, cleaned it and encouraged him to submit it again. Later on he became a very famous writer (see also Inspirational success stories)
  • 4) Steve jobs: Even though Steve jobs didn't mention that he though about giving up still in one interview he said that the only thing that kept him moving forward on certain days was his passion. In other words, he meant that he had no hope to continue and he only kept moving because he loved what he was doing
  • 5) J. K. Rowling (Harry potter): J. K. Rowling novels were rejected so many times. When her mother suddenly died she got devastated and felt that her life was falling apart. She was also fired from her job for bad performance. Later on she become one of the most famous writers in the world if not the most famous

Did you think about giving up?

I always remember Steve jobs' words when someone talks about the road to success. Steve said that things will get so hard that it will be impossible for a sane person to keep moving forward and that passion can be the kind of fuel that keeps a person going during such tough times.

You are now reading that article on a relatively popular site,, but this site would have not existed as well because i thought about quitting one day. In my book From 0 to 1 million dollars i said that when the two supporting partners who worked with me gave up on the project and when i found no results for 2 years i decided to quit one day but thanks to God i kept moving.

Success is not easy and thinking about giving up is not a sin. Know that getting such a thoughts is a very normal part of the journey as long as they remain just thoughts.

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