How to make your dreams come true (A true story)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you have unrealized dreams?

Do you have unrealized dreams?
Are you living a life that has nothing to do with the life you wanted to live?
Are you always down, feeling unsatisfied and unhappy?

Most people who escape from their problems never realize that true happiness can never be achieved before they reach what they want in life. The nature of your goals wont matter because each one of us has different needs but all what matters is working hard towards fulfilling them.

Each time i talk to people about reaching their goals and realizing their dreams they reply back stating the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching them as if people who reached their goals faced no obstacles.

In this post i have a true story for you that will help you realize that success is all about moving against the obstacles you face in life.

How to make your dreams come true (A true story)

Back in 2004 i was about to graduate from College. At that time i was passionate about body language and psychology and so i decided to write a book about these topics.

I completed my first body language book by the end of 2004 and i was quite sure that this book will make me a millionaire. When i visited the first publishing house my book was rejected! The owner didn't even read the book but he was afraid to take the risk because i seemed so young at that time.

That was a big shock for me because for months i was dreaming about the future success of this book and how will it help me realize my dreams. Even though i was devastated i decided i wont give up and i visited another publishing house which rejected the book as well!

At this point i felt even worse but i managed to stand up again and to give another try but it didn't work as well.

After so many attempts i lost hope and i decided not to publish the book. For 2 years i kept myself busy with the stock market, which was bringing me more losses than profits, but i couldn't get my dream out of my head.

Standing in the face of obstacles:

By 2006 i was feeling so bad because i never managed to get the world to read the good content i wrote. By the end of 2006 i thought about publishing the content of my book online for free and then make money through Ads.

In November 2nd 2006 2knowmyself was launched and the contents of the body language book was copied to the body language section where people could access it for free.

Within few years the site became successful and by 2008 the site was attracting 500,000 page views a month. By 2011 the site was attracting more than one million page views per month 1000,000. (see My book How i did it)

When i realized that the site was becoming popular I started writing E-books and selling them and within few years i became a dot com millionaire after i sold numerous copies of my books to the world.

After this success happened i started to think about publishing real physical books instead of the E-books i used to sell so that i revive the old dream i once had before and so i took the step.

Today i am proud to announce that one of the books which made me a millionaire, how to get over someone in few days, is now available in Amazon as a real printed book. (you can get it here)

Today I didn't just revive my dream but i proved everyone who told me that i wont make it wrong.

The conclusion

My books were rejected in 2006 and by 2012 the same books made a millionaire. In short, Success is all about standing up after you get hit.

If you feel bad because you were hit or even knocked down then know that you didn't get success correctly yet. Each and every person who managed to reach his goals in life paid the price of this success in the form of failures, rejection and setbacks.

If you want to succeed in life then hold on to your dreams till the end and one day you will have the last laugh.

The book How to get over anyone in few days which helped thousands of people get over the worst breakups ever in just few days is now available in the paperback format at

98 out of each 100 person who read this book recovered completely in few days from the breakup that kept him depressed for years. If you are interested in buying the Ebook instead you can check it out here.

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