How to fulfill your dreams and make them true

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

An old dream dating back to 2003

I bought the first computer in my life in year 1999. Whenever i bought a new computer i moved my most important files to the new one. Today i have the most important files i had on my first computer on the one i am using now.

The most important file of them all was a one called "The M plan", Dating back to 2003. The file had the life goals i had at that time for the coming years. Here is a snap shot taken from that file.

As you can see goal number 4 was collecting 2 million Egyptian pounds (that was around half a million dollar at that time).

At the time i wrote that plan i didn't have any idea how will i make the money. My main plan was writing a book and selling it through famous libraries and book distribution centers.

What happened while i was trying to make my dream true

As soon as i graduated i got a job as a computer instructor. The job used to pay well but it had a big problem, it consumed all the time i had and so gave me no chance to work on the plan. That's why i decided to quit after less than 2 month.

I spent one month without a job but during that month i came up with a new idea which is an online sopping website that allows merchants to display their products online. I talked to 3 shop owners and the three put me down.

I was passionate about computers and psychology at that time. I wrote a book about body language (it was in Arabic) and i got the chance to meet the owner of a large publishing house in Egypt. Ibrahim El Moalem, the owner of that publishing house, rejected the idea and told me that he only publishes books about politics. (see his picture below)

This was one of the worst moments in my life because the whole plan was dependent on publishing that book. After few weeks and many bad days i went to that man again and told him that i want to publish the book on my own expense, in other words it will be a zero risk project for him but again he put me down and asked me to leave Egypt.

"You are very enthusiastic son, i suggested to leave to a better country, you will find a better chance there"

More setbacks and disappointments

I decided i wont give up and i went to another publishing house but the owner this time, Galal hezy, treated me as if i was a sales Representative for a tooth brush company. He asked me to go out in a polite way.

This wasn't a horrible experience just because i felt that the dream was lost but in addition the way i was treated made me feel very sorry for myself.

Few weeks later i stood back on my feet and started creating a monthly printed computer magazine to be distributed through publishing houses. At that point i had completed lots of the popular Microsoft and Cisco exams so i believed was over qualified for the task.

When i met the owner of a publishing house he refused to let me publish that magazine and he told me "you need a very large sum of money in order to do that".

Don't give up no matter what

I gave up on writing but i didn't give up on the plan. One day i heard that people can make a lot of money through the stock market so without thinking i invested a small amount of money (10,000 Egyptian pounds) and i started learning how to invest.

I used to read about investing everyday for hours, i bought several books and after some time i decided to complete the MBA. For two years i was studying the MBA and making small profits from the stock market.

After i completed the MBA i believed i can now invest a large sum of money so i raised something close to 600,000 pounds from family members and we had an agreement that i will manage their funds in exchange for a commission. This 600k included 5 years of my personal savings as well.

Everything was going well until the stock market crashed 3 years after i joined and i ended up with 80% loss.

Yes, the 600k became 120k or even less. My personal savings were wiped out. I remember i told my mom one day while i was extremely depressed "Its as if i was jobless for the past 5 years, all my savings were wiped out"

The rise

I became severely depressed and that's the time where i started to learn more about depression through articles and books.

After some time i decided that i will start again but this time i wont risk any money. I decided i will start an internet business because of the low start up cost.

Within few years the site started getting half a million hit/month and i restored the money i lost in the stock market. One thing worth mentioning is that the same content Mr Ibrahim refused to publish was the main reason the site became popular. (see Why you shouldn't pay any attention to rejection)

As the time passed the website kept growing until i managed to collect the amount of money i planned to collect when i wrote the plan back in 2003. I became a dot com millionaire because of 2knowmyself. Mr Ibrahim, you were wrong and i was right, Thanks God i didn't believe you back then. (see my book How i did it)

This article isn't written for the purpose of showing off but it was written to show you that no matter what happens to you in life you just have to stand up on your feet and try again.

There is no known force on earth that can stop a persistent man who sworn a pact that he will get what he want in life no matter what.

I am Farouk, i forced my way in life and made one of my biggest dreams in life true.
You too can do it.

This picture shows the amount of sales i made through clickbank only in 2011 and two thirds of 2012 (until august). Notice that i also sell through checkout and i run Ads, so that's just a part of the income.

I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.

In The Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.

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