How to understand body language better

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to understand body language better

How to understand body language better?
And how to read body language with a high accuracy.

For some reason body language is one of the most misunderstood sciences on the internet. 90% of the websites that talk about body language were created by people who know nothing about body language and who just try to interpret the gestures they see everyday according to their own belief system.

In order to understand body language better you first need to learn how to filter out nonsense from real information that is based on real knowledge. Being one of the few body language experts in the world i know that all what you are going to read out of this site is going to be solid facts however i will go further and provide you with a proof.

Whenever you read about body language go and test it on all the close people you know. If someone claimed that putting your hands in pocket has certain meaning then ask every close person who puts his hands in his pockets about his current state of feeling. By doing so you will find yourself able to understand body language better as you will quickly filter out the nonsense present everywhere on the internet about body language.

Understanding body language better

The second thing you need to do to understand body language better is to read the articles in the body language section in 2knowmyself. Each article will inform you about a famous gesture and its interpretation or possible interpretations if it can bear more than one meaning.

The third thing you can do in order to understand body language better and to interpret it with a high accuracy is to test what you read on yourself.

Lets suppose that i claimed that clasping your hands behind your back meant that you are feeling confident at the moment. At this point you shouldn't believe me right away before you test what you read on yourself many times.

Some people go astray by trying to prove what they read true even if it makes no sense. I once met a person who claimed that he is folding his arms because this gesture enables him to concentrate more. In fact the subconscious mind of that person wanted him to believe in this in order to protect his ego rather than letting him face the truth (that he was not comfortable in the presence of some strangers).

What else can help you understand body language better

One of the things that will certainly help you understand body language better is learning how to monitor your thoughts and self talk.

Our thoughts pass along very quickly and one of them might trigger a body language gesture. If you didn't learn how to recognize which thought triggered your body language gesture then you might not be able to understand body language well.

Once you manage to assign the right thought to the right gesture and become 100 percent aware of your body language reading the body language of others will become a very simple task.

One final note about understanding body language: when you start asking close people about their current state of feeling they might not be aware of their thoughts as well and so they might give you incorrect replies. That's why i said that you wont be able to understand body language perfectly before you manage to understand your own body language.

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