Gestalt therapy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Gestalt therapy

I have just completed my gestalt therapy diploma and I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about it. Gestalt is a method of therapy that teaches the person how to live in the current moment instead of fantasizing and living in a world that is different than the reality.

Our language and our traditional behavior patterns have resulted in letting us see a distorted reality in many situations instead of just seeing what’s truly happening.

For example, You could see a person and feel that he is looking down upon you while in reality it may be just a fantasy of an unfinished business that happened in your past.

Gestalt will help you in knowing exactly if this is what’s really happening or if its just your imagination.

Living in the now

Suppose that I told you that within few minutes I will let you speak in front of 100 persons about any topic you choose. Most likely your muscles will become tense, your heart will beat faster and you will become afraid.

when examining such a situation from gestalt’s perspective its clear that your fears didn’t show up as a result of an event that is happening now but rather because of living in a fantasy.

The fantasy is the situation you imagined in your mind. Maybe you imagined yourself talking while everyone in front of you was sleeping or maybe you imaged people laughing at you the moment you started talking.

Gestalt can help you become aware of your emotional changes and in locating the reason for these changes. If you found that the changes that are happening to your mood result from a fantasy (a past or a future situation that you imagined) then you should remind yourself of living in the present.

how to make use of Gestalt

You should learn how to watch your inner organs and inner system. Each change in your body must be noticed and the reason causing this change must be located.

The more you teach yourself how to live in the present the less you will be subject to fantasies that could cause unwanted emotions.

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