Goal Setting, I Don’t Have Enough Resources to Start

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I Don’t Have Enough Resources to Start

One of the most famous mistakes people fall in when trying to set goals is thinking that they should have all the resources that enables them to reach the goal before they can set the goal.

By thinking that way those people end up choosing goals that are smaller than the ones they wanted to achieve. They may be thinking that they are being more realistic but the truth is that they are wrong. After all if you have all of the resources that can make you reach what you want then there is no need for goal setting.

Set the Goals first and the Resources will Come Next

By setting the goals first you will be giving an order to your subconscious mind to start to seek possible ways of reaching it. Even if you gave your mind a goal that seems out of your reach it will do its best to find new ways to reach it.

If your subconscious mind believed that you cant reach something then it wont bother show you the way to do it as a result of believing that there is no hope. If you convinced your subconscious mind that you really want to get that thing then the search mode will be activated and your mind will start to attract ideas that can help you in reaching these goals.

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Don’t Constrain your Potential

By setting the goal first you wont be putting any constrains on your abilities while if you just counted the resources that you have then set your goals then you will end up with a list of goals that is much humbler than your true potential.

Success Vs excuses

I was attending a lecture with a famous millionaire who was teaching us how to make money. During the lecture she paused and said: Some people make money while others make excuses.

Its up to you whether you really want to change your life or whether you just want to find an excuse that makes you feel less guilty.

Even if your excuses worked after some time the lie will come to the surface and you will feel really bad. Compare this to taking responsibility of your life and to making your dreams come true!

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