The importance of long term planning

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you have dreams?

We all have dreams that we want to achieve but unless we have written plans that can make those dreams come true they will only remain day dreams.

If those dreams were really worth the effort then you should have already written your plan by now. I know that sometimes the dream seems far and i know that sometimes the obstacles appear to be unbeatable but still beyond those obstacles and beyond that distance lies whats worth fighting for (which is The fulfillment of your dreams).

Lack of resources and dreams

One of the major problems that faces people when they start to plan for their dreams is finding that they lack the required resources. Lack of resources means discovering that you need more resources than you currently posses in order to complete a certain task. These resources could be money, time, number(in case of an army) or any other scarce resource.

If lack of resources was your problem then don’t worry, the solution is simple, the solution is long term planning.

Long term planning and compensating for lack of resources

One of the major benefits of long term planning is that it enables you to totally compensate for lack of resources and to even achieve better than people who had those resources but didn’t make a strategic plan. Want some examples to know how can strategic planning compensate for lack of resources?

  • Taking Israel as an example, the number of citizens is almost 7 million yet they have achieved technological and military advancement that many other countries that outnumber them by millions didn’t achieve. This happened because they always set long term plans.
  • Stock marker investors are another example, an investor may start investing with a smaller amount of money compared to other people and then by good financial planning he outperforms the returns of others who started with a bigger capital.
  • A third example is Someone who wants to get promoted but lacks many of the skills that can make him qualified. within 2 years he can outperform all of his peers just by setting a long term plan to improve his skills and to be better than them all.

Another advantage of long term planning

Another advantage for long term planning over short term planning is that the outcome is much more controllable on the long term than it is on the short term. your goal may be starting your own business but you may fail few times and waste few months before you can actually succeed in doing it.

If you planned to start a new business in 2 months you may end up disappointed then stop trying while if you planned to do it in a year then you would have found that you achieved your goal in less than the time limit you specified.

I still remember that my long term plan was to make 2knowmyself generate more than 1000 USD/month, with 2knowmyself making thousands of dollars/month these days i realized the importance of long term planning. When you plan for making 1000$ on the long term you may find yourself earning 5000$ in less than the time you planned for.

Final words

As you can see, lack of resources is not that big issue if you set long term strategic plans and commit to them. Don’t be intimidated by your peers who seem to be much more resourceful than you. Just set long term plans and you will outperform them one day.

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