How to curse someone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to curse someone

Is it really possible to curse someone? Yes it’s possible and it’s extremely easy too but instead of using Voodoo dolls or black magic I will tell you how to curse someone using psychology.

Before I go into details I want to make it clear that I am only posting this article for two purposes, 1) throwing good curses and 2) defending yourself from people who curse you without intention.

If you have anything in mind other than those two purposes then please stop here and don’t read the article. If your intentions are good then read this article to know how to curse someone.

The psychology of a curse

Before you understand how to curse someone you must first know few things about the operation of the human mind:

  • Our minds are designed to fill gaps: Why do you think you always see people who look like your friends and then when you come closer to them you discover that they are not your friends? Its because our minds are designed to fill gaps and so we try to match the things that we see or hear with the databases in our minds
  • We get what we focus on: In the Solid Self confidence program I explained how a person who thinks that he lacks confidence finds hundreds of false clues everyday that proves his beliefs true. This person sees the situation from a biased perspective and adapts them to his beliefs so that they act as proofs
  • Suggestions can be very powerful if you believed in them: An experiment was conducted by bringing 2 groups of people and telling the first group that they were eating vegetarian alternative for meat while they were actually eating meat and telling the second group that they were eating meat while they were eating the alternative. Those who were told that they were eating meat found the food tastier even though they were eating a vegetarian alternative!!

So what does all this has to do with a cursing someone?

How to curse someone by exploiting the operation of his mind

If you said something out loud to a person and he believed it then he won’t only think that its true but he will keep searching for false clues to support this belief!!

In order for this process to be successful the person must agree with your statement. Here are examples of curses that people do unintentionally:

  • A teacher curses a student: Right after the student forgets to do his homework the teacher tells him that he is dumb. Because the student believes the teacher he starts to study less to prove her true (all of this happens unconsciously) and in the end the child fails the test and become cursed by believing that he is dumb. This curse could last for years and could even prevent him from becoming successful in his life later on
  • Self confidence curses: Some people curse others unintentionally by telling them that they shouldn’t have done that thing right after they fail. Such curses makes the person believe even more that he is a failure and might prevents him from trying again throughout his life
  • The Gossip curse: In my article why is gossip bad i explained how your perception of a person will change right after being told that he is bad. Not only this will happen but you will also look for his slightest mistakes then use them as proofs to confirm the things you were told about him!!

In short cursing people is all about repeating a statement confidently so that they believe it.

Now what about you? How many curses are you living with right now? Do you believe that you are worthless because you were cursed years ago? Do you procrastinate and fear to take risks because someone cursed you with the "Failure" curse ?

One of the main reasons I wrote this article is to help you get rid of the curses that are currently affecting your life. Scan your brain and find out the curses that are currently limiting your potential then get rid of them.

A Good curse

In my article How to change someone you love I said that changing someone’s self concept can help him become better. If you praised someone instead of criticizing him then his self concept will change and he will become motivated to stick to that new self concept.

The same goes for the suggestions that you tell people about yourself. lots of people like narcissists (at least in the beginning of the relation) because they curse everyone by letting them believe that they are omnipotent and powerful.

All what they do is that they act confidently and keep telling people how special they are until people believe them.

The conclusion is, our minds were designed to receive curses smoothly if they made a very little match with our beliefs. Use this information wisely.

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