How your beliefs create your reality

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Unfortunate accident

Few years back i was studying industrial engineering at Alexandria university. Few weeks before the mid term exam i accidentally broke my arm during my boxing training. There were two problems with such an accident. The first is that there was no option to delay the exams and the second was that i needed both hands for the engineering drawing exam.

After few desperate attempts to delay the exams i discovered that i only have two options, to either drop the term and waste 6 month of my life or to take the exams and fail. The fact that i never used my left hand to write made things even worse.

For few days i thought that i was stuck but the fact that i hate feeling helpless motivated me to find another way. I decided to try to learn how to write with my left hand but it seemed like an impossible task because i only had few days to practice before the exams.

It was even hard for me to eat using my left hand. I still remember how i occasionally missed my mouth while trying to eat using the left hand.

How your beliefs create your reality

Had you been in my place how would you have reacted?
With disregard to your answer there is one fact you must be sure of which is that your answer depends greatly on your beliefs.

If you believed that you are stuck then you will feel helpless and do nothing about it while if you believed that there is a way out you will do your best to search for a solution.

I decided to never make giving up an option and so i continued training myself to use my left hand. After few days i managed to write perfectly with my left hand then in two more days i was able to use all drawing tools (compass, ruler and whatever can come to your mind).

I took all the exams with my left hand and did well. When i had the cast removed i was able to write using both hands simultaneously. I remember how my friends gathered around me one day to watch me writing the same phrase using both hands at the same time.

Helplessness is a choice

I could have chosen to feel and act helpless and i would have had a good excuse but because i understood that helplessness is a choice i chose not to be helpless.

The same goes to you. Do you believe you are stuck? Do you think you are helpless?
If your answers were yes then you need to make a quick check on your beliefs for they are the ones responsible for your current reality.

I am not denying the fact that life can sometimes be hard and that unexpected problems happen but the one fact i can never acknowledge is that there is no way out.

When you believe you can do it you will find a way no matter what you are facing.

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