How your unconscious mind can promote stress

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Did you close the bracket?

In almost all programming languages whenever a progrmmer (opens a bracket to write something he also has to close the bracket after he is done). If a programmer forgot to close a bracket then the program will return errors (It doesn't feel good after all to leave it half open

So what does this has to do with stress?
In fact many of us walk around all day with open brackets in our minds and that's why they get really stressed without understanding what's happening to them.

I explained the concept of stress many times before so i will give a very quick summary here. Stress happens when two different events fight for the same brain resources. For example working while worrying about a dead line, hanging out with friends while worrying about your back pain or working while worrying about a personal problem.

Each new unresolved issue that you face in your daily life is like an open bracket that needs to be closed. Now what do you think will happen if you kept opening brackets without actually closing them?
The short answer is : a tremendous amount of stress.

How your unconscious mind can promote stress

So many people have developed the wrong habit of ignoring important issues without knowing how harmful this can be for the brain. Let me give you an example that would make this clear.

Few days ago a serious technical problem happened to one of my sites. I decided to ignore the problem and go to the gym. While driving to the gym all what i could think about was the problem. The problem never actually left my head because the bracket was still open.

I tried to exercise but i couldn't and i found myself feeling really bad. So i decided not to exercise that day. I went home, worked on the problem for hours and it got solved. The next day i went to the gym with a clear mind and i managed to exercise pretty well.

In the first case i had something bothering me in the back of my mind so i was hardly able to focus on other things but on the next day my mind was clear as i had no serious issues to worry about.

Should i have exercised?

The problem here wasn't with going to exercise with an open bracket but the problem was that i didn't make an action plan to deal with the problem before leaving my house and that's why it didn't leave my head.

Of course we sometimes face problems that can't be solved in a day or two or even a month. When we face such problems we need to quickly make an action plan so that our subconscious mind knows that we have something to lean so that it stops bothering us.

In other words stress happens when your subconscious mind believes that you can still do something about the problem. I know that sometimes problems are out of our control and that's why i wrote an article on how to deal with such problems.

How many brackets have you left open?

No, am not just talking about that unresolved issue from a week ago but am also talking about the tons of problems you kept accumulating for years and years without doing anything about them.

Remember that thing you disliked about your life years ago? Did you change it? If not then it's also an open bracket.

The more open brackets you leave the more will your mind become stressed until you will reach a point where you will be stressed 24/7. And of course you know how dangerous this can be.
And Oh, i almost forgot, let's close the one i opened at the top of the page)

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