I am feeling bad because i lost my money in a stock market crash

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Lost your money in a stock market crash??

Have you lost your money in one of the stock market crashes?
If you are reading this article then probably you must have felt the pain of watching your share prices drop day by day.

The feeling you get when you lose some of your money each day is one of the hardest feelings ever,especially if this money was collected over a large period of time and then lost within few days or few weeks.

How to stop the bad feelings

In order to get over the bad feeling you must first stop the loss then try to accept what happened. In case you haven’t sold your stocks yet, make sure you consult a professional to know whether you should sell or not.

After all even if the shares are dropping in price selling them might not be a good idea as they might go up again.

In case you were advised to keep the stocks, know that the bad feelings will be there as long as the price keeps going down. You have to be patient in this case and know that your stocks will probably go up again. After the price stabilizes you will still be feeling bad but not with the same intensity as before.

As soon as the price starts to go up again you will feel much better. Most of the bad feelings will go away when the price reverses the direction of movement from going down to going up because hope will start to shine again.

If you were advised to sell then do it. Even though you will feel bad still a big part of the pain will go away after you sell your shares. This is the first step towards acceptance, declaring that you have already lost the money will allow you to move to the next step which is thinking how to bring the lost money back.

It's not the end, this may be the beginning

Decide that this wont be just a loss and that it will be a turning point in your life.

Decide that you will learn how to invest properly and be like Warren Buffet.
Warren buffet is the second richest man on this planet, he made his money from the stock market, his wealth is worth 43.5 billion (just 3 billion below bill gates) yet more than 20 billion ahead of the third richest man.

You may have already developed a false belief about the stock market. this belief could be something like “there's no way to make money in the stock market unless am rich” or “the stock market is random and cannot be predicted".

If that's the case then It's time to test the belief. Questioning the belief includes learning, collecting information and talking to experts.

Once you get rid of such a limiting belief you will be psychologically prepared to start again and regain your money.

Know that the part that hurts the most is the uncertainty. As long as you don't know what will happen next you will experience pain. But as soon as you take an action whether it's selling or consulting an expert then you will feel much better.

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