Is is Love or is He Using Me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it Love Or is He Using Me

Is it love or is he using me?
Does he really love me? Or is it that he needs something from me?

The answers to these questions can be known from your partner’s behavior and through a deep understanding of his personality.

For example, Suppose that your partner was a showy person and that you were really attractive. This might be sign that he is with you just to show off! Of course things are not that simple but this example illustrates the importance of understanding the other person well in order to know whether he is using you or whether he really loves you.

How to Know if He is Using Me

Before you can know whether someone loves you or not you have first to fully understand his personality and his unmet needs.

What are the things that he needs the most at this period of his life? Is he in need of money? Is he in need of love? Or is he in need of you? Once you understand a person's needs (and not the apparent ones) you can easily know if he is using you to satisfy them.

One good test that can help you do that is to stop helping him satisfy this need for a while then seeing his response. If he stopped calling you or seeing you then its clear that he was using you to satisfy his needs.

Its very important that you learn how to detect lying because a person who uses others will usually try to hide his real intentions behind the relationship. Fortunately, I have written a very good guide that can help you in detecting lies, see the lying detection guide in here.

Using You without being aware of It

Sometimes the person may be using you without being aware that he is doing so. This is the case of relationship dependency where the person really thinks that he loves you while in fact he is just using you to feel good or to forget about his problems!!

In this case, his intention may not be bad at all, but the problem is that he is not even aware that he is using you. The future of such relationships is unpredictable and in many cases it ends end with a breakup. (for more information see why relationship dependency leads to breakups)

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I knew he was Using me

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