How To Make People Love You

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

So tiny Yet Very Effective

I have mentioned in my previous article Love, Hatred and the mind that people will love you when their subconscious minds discover that you are important to them or when they discover that there is a need for you.

Based on that concept there are few tiny but very effective tricks that you could use in order to appear important to people's subconscious minds and so to make them love you.

Although I am not talking in this article about romantic love still you can use these techniques for relationships. If you want to know how to make someone love you for the sake of a romantic relationship then check this article.

How to Make People Love Me

People need to feel that they are important, they become so happy when someone cares about them and feel bad when someone ignores them. What you need to do is to exploit that need by providing them with what they want and when they find that you are helping them to feel important their subconscious minds will let them love you.

  • Remember their Names: Its feels real good when someone who met you once remembers your name. it makes you feel that you were noticed and that you left a good impression. By remembering people’s names you will be giving Them what they need and so programming their subconscious minds to love you
  • Remember their Birthdays if it feels good to find that someone you recently knew remembered your name then it feels even better to find someone calling you or sending you a message on your birthday. Again you are exploiting the same need, the need to be loved and cared for
  • Meet them with A Smile: When you meet someone let the first thing he notices about you be a big smile. He will think that you were happy to see him and so you will satisfy his same need of wanting to be important
  • Care for them when no one does: Don’t you notice how do you feel when someone cares for you at a down time or when others ignore you? Usually anybody who cares for you or helps you at a down time will have a special place in your heart. When the subconscious mind finds someone supporting you in a down time it will believe that this person is important to you and so it will make you love him

So to summarize this all, you just need to make the other person feel that he is important and that he is worthy especially in his down times and during times where people have turned their backs to him. do so and he will definitely love you.

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