Money and fame changes people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Money and fame changed him

He used to be an ordinary guy until he became famous
He started ignoring their phone calls
He started to avoid his old friends whenever he met them
His personality has changed a lot after he became famous and after he made lots of money

but does this mean that money and fame changes people?
No, it just means that this person needs proper treatment because of his low self esteem.

Money and fame changes people

A person who has high self esteem usually thinks of himself as an important person even if he was poor or unpopular. When someone feels that he is important he expects certain treatment from people and when he fails to get the attention he thinks he deserves he might not feel that bad.

On the other hand, when a guy lacks self esteem he feels he is unimportant and he feels bad when people ignore him because it reminds him of his unimportance.

Now what happens when the guy with low self esteem suddenly becomes rich and famous?

Certainly he will think that he became more important and because of that he will start to expect better treatment from everyone. This in turn might motivate him to ignore others who used to ignore him, to avoid answering the calls of those who didn’t use to call him often and so on.

I became worthy

This person has just made a confession that he became more important. Or to put it in another way, he made a confession that he wasn’t worthy then suddenly he became more worthy.

The other guy who was already self confident will not change the way he deals with others after becoming rich and famous because he already knows that he was important since the beginning.

Self confident people feel worthy even if they are ordinary people and as a result when they became famous they don’t change their beliefs about themselves. Those who lack self confidence feel that they have became more worthy after becoming rich or famous and so they demand a new way of treatment from others.

Self confidence, money and fame

There is one great danger with depending on money and fame to feel confident. The more you connect your ego to your achievements the more likley you are going to feel worthless if you lost your achievements.

Even if you lost nothing just being in a situation that threatens the loss of one of the things you depend on to feel confident will let you live in a state of anxiety.

The best thing you can do to avoid this problem is to depend on your personality traits to feel worthy since they are almost constant and very less likley to be lost.

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