the ENFP personality traits according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The ENFP personality type according to MBTI

The four letters in ENFP stand for Extrovert intuitive Feeling Perceiving.
Based on the following traits of the ENFP personality you can easily guess what type of job would suit him and how he can choose his perfect life partner.

ENFP personality traits

  • the ENFP collects information externally via intuition then uses his feelings to take actions. This means that an ENFP might take a certain decision just because he feels that its right and not because has collected solid data
  • the ENFP hates detailed tasks, he likes more to use creativity to solve problems and that's anther reason why he takes intuitive decisions. This wouldn't make him suitable for a technical job as these jobs usually involve a lot of detail
  • The ENFP likes to discover and explore new possibilities. he may be an adventure lover
  • the ENFP may be a risk taker who can do things that appear dangerous to other personality types
  • the ENFP focuses more on future possibilities than on the current moment. This is a great thing about the ENFP because it makes him more optimistic
  • the ENFP can be good at a variety of different tasks. This means that the Enfp has a wide range of skills which make him suitable for more than one job

Enfp personality type careers

The following careers are the best ones that can suit the ENFP's personality.

  • psychologist
  • marketer
  • artist
  • actor
  • teacher
  • counselor

Enfp personality relationships

Enfps are very warm and usually have healthy relationships provided that all other factors are constant. Because feelings represent an important part of their decision making they usually turn out to be kind and nurturing.

Final words about the ENFP

Since the ENFP is a feeler, the way he feels about things determines the actions he takes to a great extent. The traits that he has combined with his intuition makes him a fast decision maker in many cases.

ENFPs are self motivated, optimistic and can inspire people. One of the famous trainers here in town is a close friend and an ENFP.

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