the ENTJ personality type according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the ENTJ personality type according to MBTI

The Word ENTJ stands for Extrovert intuitive Thinking Judging. According to MBTI the second letter determines how the person learns or collects information and in our case the ENTJ Does that using intuition.

The third letter determines how the person takes decisions and in our case its through logical thinking. The following are the personality traits of an ENTJ according to MBTI.

ENTJ Personality traits

  • the ENTJ collects information via intuition then uses logic to take actions. Thus the ENTJ is considered a logical thinker
  • The ENTJ is a social person, he likes people because he is extroverted by nature
  • The ENTJ may be a bit critical of others as they can hardly tolerate repeated mistakes
  • The ENTJ have got nature leadership abilities and he usually excels at his job because of his powerful decision making skills
  • The ENTJ thinks more about the future than the current moment. He is not the type of person who dwells on past events or who feels helpless as a result of a past experience
  • The ENTJ is usually self confident. Of course self confidence can be built and no one is born confident but the way ENTJ thinks lets him become more confident in his abilities as the time passes
  • The ENTJ is usually Decisive

Careers that fits the ENTJ personality type

The following careers and jobs best suits the ENTJ personality type:

  • Marketer
  • sales person
  • consultant
  • manager

ENTJ personality type in relationships

ENTJ think logically and always try to improve their relationships by collecting facts and taking advantage of them. Logical thinking can sometimes cause problems in relationships if the person went to the extremes.

ENTJ's usually take charge of the relationship and usually have successful relationships but their critical nature might cause some minor problems.

Your challenge as an ENTJ is to care more for people and to take their emotions into consideration. Being an ENTJ doesn't mean that you are emotionless of course but it only means that whenever your emotions and mind go against each other your mind will win.

You can always change any personality trait that you want to change by persistence and commitment. Those letters just reflect who you are today and this doesn't mean that this can't be changed in the future.

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