How can a leader influence others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how can a leader influence others

how can a leader influence others?
As a result of this new business venture i got myself into i was assigned a small team that will work under my supervision. After Some time i started discovering many facts about leadership and about the way a leader can influence others to help them achieve their full potential.

In my previous article How can a leader influence others in the workplace I explained how can a leader lead a group of people towards a common goal at work.

In this post i am going to talk about how can a leader influence others anywhere, whether its at work or anywhere else.

Leadership and influencing others

A leader is a person who believes in a certain goal and who has a certain vision. Good leaders who influence others easily are the ones who strongly believe in this vision. This means that unless you strongly believe in this vision or this goal you will never be able to influence others.

What i discovered is that people don't get influenced by a leader because of his words but rather because of the energy that is associated with his words.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that you can become more persuasive just if you spoke with confidence. When you strongly believe in something you will experience all the kind of confidence in the world while talking about it.

The more the leader believes in his vision the more will he be able to influence others and make them believe in his vision too. (see How to make people believe you)

How else can a leader influence others?

A leader can also use the self concept theory to influence others. In my article Self concept and identity i said that by projecting a certain identity on a person he can be influenced to turn it into reality.

For example one of the best ways a leader can influence someone is to tell him something like "i know that one day you will be able to do something great". As soon as the leader says this suggestion with confidence the subconscious mind of the person absorbs it and then all of his actions become influenced by it until it turns into reality.

Leaders should also influence people by using the different motivation styles that suits each one of them. In my article Negative motivation techniques i said that some people are more influenced by rewards while others are more influenced by the desire to avoid punishments.

A good leader must determine the best motivation style to use with people in order to have the most powerful influence on them.

Finally in order for a leader to influence others he must be a good example and not someone who gives them orders instead of doing things by himself. A leader should lead by example in order to influence others else people might not believe in him.

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