How to lead people in the workplace

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to lead people in the workplace

How to lead people in the workplace?
And how can you motivate people to work or to do their jobs?

Most people never manage to lead those who work with them correctly because of not understanding the true meaning of a leader.

I decided to write this post to correct the most common misconceptions about leadership and to tell you exactly how to lead people in the workplace.

Leading people in the workplace

Here is how you can lead people in the workplace successfully:

  • A leader is different than a boss: The boss gives orders that must be followed and isn't usually loved by his subordinates. A leader is a person who is loved by his subordinates and who provides a good example for them to follow.
  • Without faith there is no leader: A leader is a person who has a very powerful belief in a certain idea and because of his powerful belief his subordinates start to believe in it too. You will never be able to lead people in the workplace before you first develop that powerful belief.
  • A leader is always a good example: Leaders don't just give orders but they practice what they preach or lead by example as they say. Leading people in the workplace requires that you become the role model that your subordinates would love to follow
  • The leader helps subordinates feel better and motivates them: A leader helps his subordinates solve their problems, develop their belief in the central idea and motivates them to achieve their goals. You can't lead people in the workplace by just assigning tasks and waiting for people to complete them
  • The leader has empathy for his subordinates The leader must know his subordinates well and have empathy for them. He must step into their shoes so that he can learn how to best motivate them and lead them. If you are leading some people in the workplace then it would make a great difference to know them on a more personal level

First the leader must be prepared then he can lead people in the workplace

If you don't believe in what you are doing or if you don't have a big vision and a dream then you must first work on becoming a leader before you can think about leading people in the workplace.

Once you meet the requirements and become a leader leading people would be an easy task.
These concepts aren't only effective in leading people in the workplace but they are universal concepts that every leader everywhere must stick to and follow in order to be able to lead any group of people towards a shared vision.

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