How people influence you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How people influence you

In my previous article, how your friends influence you, I explained how having friends who always put you down can result in limiting your abilities dramatically and can let you achieve much less than your real potential.

In this article I am going to talk about something even more dangerous which is how people influence you and how can they influence the way you think.

Combining everyone’s fears

Because each one of us has experienced a different past and a different childhood we all grew up having different fears and limiting beliefs.

A person might be afraid of success, another one might be afraid of public speaking and the third might be afraid of taking risks.

What if someone combined all of these fears together and used them to define his own map of fears? Won’t that person fear everything in the world?

Yes exactly, if each person fears something and if one person decided to fear all what others fear then the result will be someone who fears everything and who is totally unproductive.

But who is that person who will combine everyone's fears together? Actually he is the person who tells everyone about his plans, he might be you!!

How people can influence the way you think

"I am going to start my own business"

When I first said this phrase I thought that everyone was going to give me a push but what I discovered is that my phrase triggered the different fears the people around me had to the extent that everyone started warning me!!

Some kept warning me about the economy and how hard it is to succeed in such a time, others warned me by telling me that starting small will let the big companies swallow me while a third group warned me of the government regulations and how a sudden change in them can let my business fail.

It was clear that everyone was trying to feed me with his own fears and to influence my way of thinking!! Had I listened to anyone you wouldn’t have been reading this article now because the business I was about to start was

Don’t let people influence you

The success of my site is out of this article’s topic (one million in cash every three years and more than 500,000 hit/month) but the thing I want you to notice is how others will keep warning you of their own fears whenever you push on their buttons.

And since most people aren’t successful telling someone that you are about to be successful is more than enough to push his fears button.

People can affect you and even convince you that you are going in the wrong direction, after all beliefs are transferred through repetition and that’s why you must keep your upcoming project a secret unless you need advice from a certain person.

After all if you learned to fear only one thing from each person you know then you will end up being the biggest coward living on this planet.

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