The Esfp personality Traits according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

the ESFP personality type according to MBTI

The word ESFP stands for Extrovert Sensing Feeling Perceiving.
According to MBTI the first two letters determines how the person deals with others and collects information.

In the case of ESFP he is an outgoing person who loves people and who collects information via his external senses. Because he is a feeler (the third letter) he depends on emotions in taking decisions and that makes him much more people oriented. The following are the ESFP personality traits.

The ESFP personality traits

  • The ESFP collects information externally via his senses then use his emotions to take actions
  • The ESFP focuses more on the current moment than on the future
  • The ESFP gives a big weight to facts and practical methods
  • The ESFP is usually warm and compassionate as a result of being an extrovert and in depending on feelings to take his actions
  • The ESFP may like to be in the center of attention not because he is showy but rather because he loves people
  • The ESFP loves life and tries to enjoy every moment he lives
  • The ESFP is a social person who loves people
  • the ESFP takes random decisions and rarely set plans

Careers that suit the ESFP personality type

Because of his extroversion, social nature and love of people the following careers best suit an ESFP.

  • ESFP careers
  • marketing
  • sales
  • secretary
  • public relations
  • artist

The ESFP personality type in relationships

The ESFP usually becomes very successful in relationships because of his warmth and love for people. Usually feelers (those who have the letter F) make better relationship partners because they put people's emotions into consideration when making decisions.

Personality cane changed

Some people aren't aware of the fact that personality can be changed. If you found yourself an ESFP today then this doesn't mean that you are stuck forever. There is always something that you can do to change if you want.

For example many people manage to change from perceiving to judging just because they believed it would be better for them to do so. In short, your options are open.

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