Psychology of Convincing Someone to Believe in You

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Failing to Convince Someone to Believe in You

It feels bad when we fail to convince someone to believe in us and It hurts a lot when we find ourselves in need of someone to believe in our dreams but find no one. It feels terrible when we believe in our own ideas but fail to convince others to believe in them too.

Almost every person faces that situation at one point in his life. Whether it was an idea that was rejected or a dream that people were not convinced to believe in still that feels pretty bad. What’s even worse is that sometimes after going through many debates we may end up doubting our own beliefs!!

The reason this happens is that you probably didn't believe in your own idea strongly enough and that's why people affected you.

The Power of Believing

The more you believe in your idea the more convincing you will sound and the more this will be reflected in your gestures, words and the way you talk.

The more you believe in your dreams the more you will shake the beliefs of the person you are tying to convince.

The main idea behind convincing someone to believe in your dreams, ideas or in you is to shake his own beliefs. This won't happen unless you strongly believe in them first.

The more assertive you sound while describing your idea, the less assertive the other person will be.

Similarly, the more confident you appear when describing your ideas the less confident the person you are trying to convince will become.

It’s a game of convincing people that you know more than them. If you convinced a person that you have superior knowledge then he will believe you even if he was skeptical at first. Display as much confidence as you can while talking. Shake people's beliefs and let your own ideas sound like facts.

Why this works

In the Super powers course i said that beliefs become stronger as they are repeated. No i am not referring to affirmations but i am referring to facts that you come across that support your beliefs. If for example you believe that someone is mean then one day you heard that he bad mouthed then most probably your beliefs will become stronger.

As you keep collecting clues your beliefs will either become stronger or weaker depending on the nature of those clues. Now when you sound extremely confident while talking about your ideas or beliefs that would be enough evidence for so many people to start believing in them or to at least put a possibility in their minds that you are right.

As you keep repeating your confident talk people will start to believe in your ideas even more until they will sound like facts to them.

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