The inspiring success story of Ramesh Babu

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Story of Ramesh

Ramesh is an Indian millionaire who owns a car rental company that has a fleet of over 200 cars. If you don't have proper beliefs about success then you might think that Ramesh was lucky or that his family helped him establish that business but in fact Ramesh is another perfect example that shows that courage and determination can beat anything else.

Ramesh worked at the barber saloon business his uncle was running and he used to earn 5 rupees a day, a very small amount even at that time. Ramesh went to the saloon in the morning then to college in the after noon then back to the saloon until 1 am!

Ramesh used to eat one meal per day in order to survive because he had no enough money to buy another meal. One day Ramesh took all his savings in addition to a loan then he bought a car. Ramesh started renting that car in order to make some money.

After some time he had about six cars to rent and he got more involved in the rental business. In 2004 he decided to buy a luxury car and rent it to people because no one rented luxury cars back then but everyone told him that it was a big mistake.

Ramesh turned out to be right and his business grow further. In 2011 he added a Rolls Royce to his fleet and again people told him that he is doing a grave mistake. (see Why people who put you down say nonsense

Ramesh was right again, he became a millionaire with a fleet of over 200 cars and his life was totally changed.

Lessons to learn from this inspiring story

  • 1) Life is tough, so what?: So you can't start a business because you have no money or because you barely have time. Ramesh worked and studied all day and used to earn 5 rupees a day. You do have much more than he had and if you believe your life is tough then know that people who lived much worse lives made it
  • 2) There will always be someone to put you down: Before taking the two important steps in his career people kept telling Ramesh that he is going in the wrong direction but he just didn't listen to them. This is exactly what successful people do. They follow their dreams even if so many people try to stop them
  • 3) Devastating setbacks: Ramesh's path to success wasn't all flowers and rainbows. In an interview he said that he faced many setbacks during his journey and this is exactly what will happen to you. Just know that setbacks are a normal part of any entrepreneur's life
  • 4) Some people make excuses others get things done: If Ramesh never succeeded in his life and instead he gave some excuses his reasoning would have sounded logical to so many people. After all what can someone who lives in such tough conditions do to improve his life? but again Ramesh has proven that determination and hard work can change any life to the better (see also Can my social class determine my future?)

A Different name but the story is the same

If this is not the first success story you read then am pretty sure you noticed that success always works the same way. It first begins by a dream and a life that is usually tough. Then when the person starts perusing his dreams he faces a lot of difficulties in addition to being put down by his friends and relatives.

If that person persisted he reaches his goals and makes his dreams true. If he gave up he develops false beliefs about life such as "i am not lucky" then joins the large group of unsuccessful people.

The choice is yours. Whether you will end up being successful or being nobody its all in your hands. You can give excuses and even believe in them but deep down know that you are lying to yourself because you don't have enough courage.

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