The rules for success explained

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Steve Jobs explains why passion is essential for success

I am sure you already know that in order to succeed you need to have passion for what you are doing and to be persistent. Buy why exactly is passion required? And what's the relation between passion and persistence?

And can someone really succeed without passion?
In this Article Steve jobs is going to answer all of these questions.

In one of the most informative short videos in the world Steve jobs explained in seconds why is passion essential for success. Check the video out then lets analyze it together:

The rules for success explained

What Steve was trying to say is that life never moves in a straight line and that no matter what kind of goal you are after you will face serious difficulties that make you want to quit.

I personally still remember the day where i was going to take down because we weren't getting enough visitors or making enough money. I continued because i loved what i was doing and because i did it turned out to be a big success later on.

Now under this kind of pressure any sane person would ask himself the question, what's the point in taking all this? Why do i have to suffer this way? Why don't i just quit?

And as Steve said that person would quit not because he is a quitter but because he is Sane. Now the only thing that can prevent someone from quitting at that point is his love for what he is doing.

People who succeed at certain things are the ones who don't mind doing those things even if they didn't get paid. One of my best friends has a company that sells skateboards. In the company's early years they were making no money yet my friend kept running the company because he loved skating! then Few years later it took off.

In other words, unless you have something that can prevent you from quitting when things get really tough then there is a big possibility that you will quit.

Can i succeed without passion?

The short answer is yes but you will suffer a lot.
Imagine waking up everyday to do things that you really don't like, facing serious problems and going through a lot of pressure without having any passion for what you are doing.

How will it feel like to do something that you don't like and lose money in the same time? How will it feel like to spend years working on projects that you don't like and that aren't bringing you any income?

If you were strong enough to keep going in spite of all of these problems then you will still have one problem that has no solution, you will always be feeling unhappy.

Let me end this article by quoting few lines from Steve's speech:

"People say you have to have a lot of passion for what your doing and it’s totally true and the reason is because its so hard, and if you don’t, any rational person would give up."

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