why does success take so long

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why am i not successful yet?

How many times you started questioning your competence because you didn't succeed yet?
Do you always compare yourself to the friends who achieved more in life?
Do you believe your success has got delayed?

In this article i am not going to answer these questions by telling you that success takes time or that you need to fail many times before you succeed because i have already covered that many times before in my previous articles about success.

Instead i am going to tell you about killer mistakes that delay people's success and even prevent some from succeeding in some cases. Lets begin!

The Good paying Job trap

The first and the most common mistake people do is getting trapped in a job that pays well but in the same time doesn't allow them to satisfy their ambition. Because those people never find troubles paying their bills they forget about the long term goals only to discover few years later that they are by no means near what they wanted to reach.

Lets suppose that a job pays you 60K a year. Those 60k might help you buy most of the things you need but in 5 years you will discover that you have made no progress in life and that your friends have already reached some of their goals.

I call this the good paying Job trap.

The Do it myself entrepreneur trap

Some people who are brave enough to start their own business do a horrible mistake by never delegating tasks to employees believing that they can do them better.

Of course any Entrepreneur might do a task way better than an newly hired employee but business growth never happens before you start replicating your work and duplicating the output using employees.

Imagine you started a factory and you were the only one working on the assembly line. How can you possibly grow if the whole business was based on one person? Instead you need to delegate the tasks to more people and thus make use of the power of duplication.

Starting after you complete your education

This was a mistake that a personally did. The first time i thought about starting a business was when i was already 23 years old. I was just too focused on completing college and i believed that no one should start working before he completes his education.

Later on when i had a running business in the Tech field i saw millionaires and billionaires who are 25 years old. When i read more about those people i found that most of them started on their little projects while they were still studying.

This is also why we have extremely successful college drop outs. Its because some of those entrepenuers discover that the project they are working on can make them really rich and that college is just wasting their time. ( I am not recommending dropping out)

The experience trap

This is a trap that almost all people fall in. In the Ultimate guide to becoming rich i said that most people claim that they want to work for few years first in order to get some experience before they start their own business.

Now the problem with their claims is not with the approach but with the way they execute that approach. Most people get indulged in the day jobs they choose and thus find no time to think about starting a business.

Had any of the people who made that claim been serious about it they would have chosen simpler jobs that allows them to find free time to think about possible business opportunities.

I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.

In The Ultimate guide to becoming rich i will teach you everything that you need to know in order to become rich.

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