How to develop a strong will

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can will power be developed?

I am sure you have been told several times that a strong will can help you succeed in life but did someone ever tell you how to develop a strong will?

In order to know how will power can be developed you need to know about the story of Henry. In 1885 Henry came across the first gas powered engine and then he dreamed about developing a horseless carriage that can transport people.

Henry built his workshop and started working on his secret project but he didn't develop his first prototype before 1896. Because it took him more than 10 years to develop a gas powered automobile many large companies that already joined that business during these years developed way better models than the one he developed.

In other words, Henry's 11 years of work were wasted for nothing. Henry decided to give it another try and it took him almost a year to develop his second model. He then went to investors to convince them to finance his plans and he manged to get some good investors to back him up. (see also Why you should keep trying)

Failure, strong will & success in life

Henry's second model needed many improvements and because the improvements were taking too long the investors who used to back him got fed up and closed the company in 1901 leaving him alone.

At this point Henry discovered that he has already wasted years of his life without reaching anything and even worse his reputation got destroyed after he let the investors down. (see Am i too old to start over)

Henry decided not to give up and he talked to the same investor who backed him up earlier and convinced him to give him another chance. Soon Henry was getting the same support again but his third attempt failed as well and what was left of his reputation got ruined. (see How to get over failure)

Henry believed that these failures happened because he made many mistakes while trying to invent the automobile. In other words, he believed that if he tried again and avoided those mistakes he would make it.(see How to reach your goals faster)

Henry found another investor who was known for risk taking and convinced him to back him this time. by 1904 the ford motor company was one of the most successful automotive companies around and one of the few survivors in that new industry.

Henry ford became one of the richest men in the united states and his cars became extremely famous. The strong will of one man resulted in the creation of one of the most successful companies at that time.

Lessons to learn from Henry ford's life

  • 1) Will power is a choice: Did Henry feel bad after these failures? Certainly he did. Did he feel like giving up? Most probably. Did he give up? No he never did. In other words a strong will is a choice you make when you decide to keep going forward even if you don't feel like it
  • 2) Look at failure from a different angle: Henry considered failure a form of feedback. After each attempt he kept telling people that he learned a lot and that his next model is going to be problems free. In order to have an iron will you need to look at failure the same way else you will fall after one or two failures (read this before you give up)
  • 3) Passion fuels will power: How did Henry Ford manage to get all of this motivation to keep going even though he was failing for years and years? Its because he was so passionate about automobiles that he kept moving even after 15 years of failure. Find the thing you are passionate about the most and you will discover that your passion is fueling your will. Many people have an ill will because they are doing things they have never had true passion for. (see How to motivate yourself)

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