Why you should keep trying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why you should keep trying

In my article How successful people become successful i said that trying over and over until you reach what you want is the key to success.

Do you know when depression visits a person? It visits him when he believes that he wont reach his important goals. The moment you stop trying is the moment where all known bad emotions will visit you including depression.

but the important question is, what if you don't know what to do?
What if you can't find anything to do to solve a big problem you are facing?
What if you believe you are stuck?

In all of these cases you should keep trying even if you don't know what to do.
sounds like a strange answer, right? here is the explanation:

Do anything and you will feel better

As soon as you ignore an important problem, even if the excuse was "i dont know what to do, your subconscious mind will send you bad moods.

Doing nothing is the fastest road to depression. On the other hand when you decide to do something,even if you don't know what to do, a different part of your brain gets activated and the bad mood disappears after few tries.

Lets suppose you wanted to become famous but didn't know what to do. In such a case working on any solution to that problem, even if it was not effective, will put your mind in the solutions mood and as a result you will keep getting more ideas.

Do you know how creative people think? They just keep producing more ideas until one of them works! (see How to create a masterpiece)

Keep producing ideas and your mind will help you find more

As soon as you produce the first idea and work on it your subconscious mind will make you feel a little better.

Lets suppose your solution didn't work. In such a case you might experience a little disappointment. Again if you did nothing the feelings of disappointment will become more intense and you will end up feeling bad.

On the other hand if you started working on the next idea your subconscious mind will charge you with hope once again.

Its as if you are training your mind on the trail and error concept until it absorbs it and so stops making you feel down.

You don't have to have any good solutions in order to start. Just sit down and decide that you will come up with one. most probably many inapplicable ideas will come to your mind and most probably the majority of them will sound ridiculous but if you kept producing ideas one of them will appeal to you and you will feel better.

Here is a practical plan that will help you solve any major life problem you encounter:

  • 1) Dedicate time for idea production: Dedicate a certain amount of time where you sit down and do nothing but produce ideas
  • 2) Apply the one that appeals to you the most: As soon as one of the ideas appeal to you, even if it wasn't that good, apply it
  • 3) As soon as the idea doesn't work try another: After few tries your subconscious mind will get the concept and it will help you with more ideas until you will find a working solution

In short, do nothing and you're doomed!

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