Why are some people so ambitious

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The same behaviour can be caused by different reasons

Human behaviour is too complex to be explained by a one to one relationship. In other words you can't assume that all people who do a certain behaviour do it for the same reason.

For example, 5 people might be showy for 5 different reasons. Even though they all do the same behaviour the reason behind that behaviour might be different in each case.

Ambition is the same as any other psychological behaviour, it can't just be explained by one single cause and that's why the best way to understand it is to read about the different forces that can make a certain person ambitious. (see also How children develop their personality)

Ambitious people are the ones who always compare themselves with those who are better than them just because they want to rise up. A typical ambitious person will be obsessed with achievements, wealth, status and anything else that could help him rise.

why are some people so ambitious

Here are some points that will explain why some people are so ambitious:

  • 1) Birth order: The youngest child in a family usually finds himself in comparison with older and more capable siblings. As a result this youngest child either withdraws and believes that he is incapable or he either becomes extremely competitive (or in other words very ambitious). This tough competition this child finds himself in fuels his desire to bypass his siblings and everyone else who competes with him later on in life (see How birth order affects your life)
  • 2) Ego driven ambition: The bigger a person's ego the more ambitious will he be provided that he is brave enough to go after big goals. When a person believes that he is extremely important he will start to believe that he deserves to live a better life and as a result he might become extremely ambitious. If that person wasn't brave then he might channel his emotions into another route such as becoming extremely arrogant
  • 3) Insecurity & Ambition : Insecurity can make a person extremely ambitious. When a person is put under extreme psychological pressure he does one of two things 1)He either becomes extremely ambitious so that he changes his life to the better and ends his insecurities or 2) he either withdraws, admits defeat and does nothing in life. Most billionaires were people who suffered from extreme financial insecurities when they were young
  • 4) Tough comparisons and ambition: When a person is put in a tough comparison with his friends, colleagues or anyone else he will do his best to rise above those he is competing with. If for example a poor guy had only rich friends then he might become extremely ambitious when it comes to financial success. If that guy wasn't brave enough to pursue that goal then instead of becoming ambitious he will clam himself down by forming false beliefs such as 1) life is unfair 2) i am not lucky ...etc

Ambition and courage

A person can never become ambitious unless he is brave. As you saw from the previous examples ambition is a choice that a person makes when he gets subjected to some kid of psychological pressure.

In all cases if the person wasn't brave then he might not choose to be ambitious and instead he might use any of the popular self deception methods to convince himself that failure wasn't his fault.

The type of courage i am referring to is the one needed to help a person admit that he is responsible for whatever goes on in his life. Be brave, be ambitious.

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