Top 10 secrets for being happy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why isn't happiness advice working for you

Just as i am sure you tried so many happiness tips am also quite sure that none of them lead you to real happiness.

The problem with happiness is that its one of the most misunderstood concepts in life even by the ones claiming to be experts on the topic. After years of research and a rich life experience i managed to find the happiness formula everyone is looking for.

I summarized this formula into 10 simple tips that if followed will guarantee a level of happiness that you have never experienced before.

Top 10 secrets for being happy

  • 1) My Happiness is not your happiness: The most common mistake happiness seekers do is that they assume that all human beings are identical while in fact each person has different needs and hence different happiness keys
  • 2) Self deception leads to sadness: Many people start claiming that happiness is found in spirituality, little things or in counting their blessings not because these actions meet their deep psychological needs but rather because they have no clue about how to find their real happiness keys
  • 3) Can money buy happiness: If you got point number one then your answer should be: Depending on a person's psychological needs, If someone needs money then money can certainly buy him happiness else it won't (see also Can money buy happiness)
  • 4) Its all about meeting your specific needs: Once you understand your most important psychological needs perfectly you can easily reach very high levels of happiness by working on satisfying those needs (For example the need to be loved, the need to be famous, the need for spirituality...etc
  • 5) Unwanted emotions cause unhappiness: Even if your life is going well a stressful job, a demanding life style or an unsupportive family can keep prevent you from becoming happy
  • 6) You can't do it with your mind alone: In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that you can't become happy by changing your mindset alone but you need to move and make serious real life changes in order for your mind to withdraw unwanted emotions.
  • 7) Happiness isn't found but its earned: One of the most popular reasons that prevent people from becoming happy is the belief that happiness can be found one day in a magical chest box while in fact you need a long term plan, a strong commitment to follow it and a lot of effort before you can become really happy (see This is why you didn't find happiness)
  • 8) Happiness isn't found by giving up: You won't be able to prevent yourself from comparing yourself to others and you won't be able to kill your ambition. The only way to become really happy is to reach your personal goals instead of claiming that they aren't that important. (see also Self deception examples)
  • 9) Hope and depression can't coexist: Depression is a state of loss of hope, once you find a way to get back the lost hope depression disappears. Whether its an inspiring speech, a life changing decision, a strong belief in yourself or certain religious beliefs you can still end depression by restoring back hope using any of the previous methods
  • 10) Its all about you: Its all about understanding yourself perfectly. The happiness advice you take from others might be perfect for them but not of any use to you. If you want to be really happy then learn how to understand yourself and your basic needs

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