why medications are no good for treating anxiety and depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Feeling depressed, anxious or sad? Just take those medications

Every now and then i get an email from a person who says that the medications that were prescribed to him didn't help him get over his emotional pain.

Psychiatrists these days don't have enough time and because time equals money many of them prefer to use the easy way of numbing the emotions of their patients for a while so that they became able to treat more patients in less time.

The easiest thing a psychiatric can do these days is not to listen to the patient, not to see him tens of times ,not to spend an hour or two with him on each session and to just prescribe some medications that can help the patient feel a little better for a short period of time.

But is medication really a good solution for healing emotional problems?

why medications are no good for treating anxiety and depression

Your mind was brilliantly designed to communicate to you everything that is going on inside it through emotions. Just like a mobile phone was designed to beep to signal a low battery the brain was designed to display certain emotions when things go wrong.

When you feel thirsty then this means that your body is in need of water. Now can you imagine what might happen if you numbed the signal of thirst somehow?

After all life is going to be easier if you didn't have to go and drink every now and then right?

Yes life will be easier for few days before you die as a result of dehydration. In other words, one of the most dangerous things you can do to your mind is to numb one of its signals.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that what medications actually do is that they numb the signals your mind was trying to send you and as a result they deviate you further from the clue that would have helped you solve your emotional problems.

Medications won't work, self understanding will

Back in 2006 i was severely depressed without knowing why. I decided to read more about depression and psychology in order to find out what's going on.

In the end i discovered that the way i was raised prevented me from feeling happy if i was working for someone. I just found it really hard to submit to a manager or to follow his orders. I decided to start my own business and within 2 years i managed to do it.

As soon as i did that the depression disappeared completely. Had i used meds i would have been suffering till now without understanding what's really going on.

I am not asking you to stop using meds completely because they can sometimes help you survive a really bad day but i am just asking you to look for a soloution else where instead of believing that meds can heal you fully because they will never do.

Medications won't work, self understanding will.

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