How emotional problems develop

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How emotional problems develop

Why do certain situations pass without leaving any traces or bad memories and why do other ones result in emotional wounds?

Why you sometimes forget about the bad things that happen quickly and why in other times other bad things result in big emotional problems?

Why sometimes two different people go through the same situation then one of them develops an emotional problem while the other experiences nothing?

In our daily lives we experience many bad situations with varying intensities, if the intensity of a bad situation was higher than the tolerance of a person then an emotional problem develops.

The development of emotional problems and emotional wounds

Ahmed was raised in a house that suffered from financial difficulties. Whenever he wanted to buy something his family told him that they can't afford it.

Because Ahmed was surrounded by richer friends he always felt embarrassed whenever something reminded him of the fact that he is not as rich as them.

Even though the emotional wound hasn't developed yet at this stage still its clear that something was wrong with Ahmed's belief system because of connecting shame with poverty.

The problem with Ahmed's belief system was the seed that will later grow into an emotional problem.

Under this constant pressure Ahmed's started to become ashamed of himself then he developed an emotional problem. Ahmed started avoiding people who seemed richer than him and he always felt inferior to them.

That's how emotional wounds develop and below are some examples that will make the concept clearer:

  • The no one loves me wound: I have said earlier that most emotional problems are developed in the childhood then become bigger as the person grows. A person who never felt loved by his caregivers or parents will most likely develop a wound when he grows up and will feel unloved by everybody. Those are the people who always seek reassurance from their partners and they are the ones who always doubt the intentions of people who love them (see I need to be loved)
  • The tomboy wound: Some girls were mistakenly taught that women are inferior to men and as a result they decided to protest against this imagined reality by acting like boys or becoming tomboys. See also tomboy psychology for more information on that topic
  • The inferiority complex wound: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when a person fails to meet certain life challenges in his early years then there is a big possibility that he will develop an inferiority complex wound. In such a case that person will always feel that there is something wrong with him and that people are more worthy than him

How can you prevent emotional problems from developing?

Since most emotional problems happen in early years it might not be possible to prevent them. Also in most cases emotional problems are developed in childhood as a result of being raised by uneducated parents or by meeting ignorant people. (see How childhood experiences affect adulthood)

The good news is that you can always heal your emotional problem even if it was developed years ago.

The first step to healing an emotional wound is finding out that it exists because the human mind always tries to use self deception techniques to hide the truth from a person in order not to hurt his ego. (see Self deception examples)

Next you need to find out why was this wound developed then work on a long term plan that heals your subconscious mind. The below links will help you do that.

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