Emotional wounds that never heal

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Emotional wounds that never heal

Why do some emotional wounds never seem to heal?
why would the same person keep suffering from the same wounds for years and years without being able to deal with them.

Some people get emotional wounds and live with them for the rest of their lives while others manage to get over them.

In this article i will tell you why some emotional wounds never heal and how you can heal them.

Why some emotional wounds never heal

I have said earlier that the brain was designed to prove whatever beliefs in your mind true. Lets suppose that a person had a self image problem (wasn't sure whether he looks good or not).

In such a case whenever any person rejects that guy he will assume that he was rejected because of his ugly looks and so his emotional wound will persist.

If that same guy approached a girl and she ignored him he will also believe that this situation happened because of his ugly looks.

This is why some emotional wounds never heal. Its because some people keep feeding their wounds with incorrect information everyday in such a way that allows the wound to grow bigger.

Healing emotional wounds

Now that you know that the mind will try to prove whatever beliefs it has true it makes a lot of sense to try to heal your emotional wounds by changing your beliefs.

If you changed your beliefs then your mind will try to prove your new beliefs true and you will get over your emotional wound.

Back to the guy who thought that he was not attractive, if that guy managed somehow to believe that he is not ugly then the next time someone rejects him he will never think that it happened because of his looks.

In short healing any emotional wound can happen by first changing your beliefs.

Now the important question is, how can someone change his beliefs?
I have said earlier that affirmations never work if they didn't match your internal beliefs because your subconscious mind will regard them as a self deception attempt.

In order to change your beliefs you need to take real life actions. For example that guy in the previous example must succeed in making friends and in getting into a good relationship. If he managed to do so he will prove to himself that he is not ugly and his emotional wound will heal.

In short, emotional wounds can be healed by taking actions and not by repeating affirmations.

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