How to become emotionally numb

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Become numb? Why should i?

Emotions play a very important role in the communication that happens between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Whenever something goes wrong your subconscious mind will send you some bad emotions in order to let you change direction and whenever it finds you moving on the right track it will send you positive emotions so that you continue doing whatever you are doing.

Now the question is, if emotions are that useful why would someone want to become numb?
Its because we sometimes experience emotions that are totally useless.

Lets suppose that you went to a job interview and had to wait for 3 days for the result. Won't you worry throughout those 3 days? chances are, you will. But will worrying in that case do anything good to you?

No it wont do anything. If you worried before the interview then you can study better or get prepared a little more but after you have already taken the test worrying makes no sense.

In other words, you need to learn how to become emotionally numb because at many points of your life you will be bombarded with emotions that can only harm you.

How to become emotionally numb

  • 1) Make sure there is nothing more to do: There is a great difference between numbing your emotions after doing your homework and escaping from the responsibility. Before you can work on numbing your emotions you need to make sure that there is nothing more that can be done. Have you done your best? Have you studied well? Have you completed the test? Note that you wont be able to do the next steps before you make sure this one is completed
  • 2) Communicate this to your subconscious mind: The subconscious mind always has the intention to withdraw the negative emotions as soon as it discovers that you are working on a plan. At this point you need to communicate to your subconscious mind the fact that bad emotions will do nothing now but slow down your progress. Simply sit alone and speak a aloud as if you are talking to another person in the room but instead, address your subconscious mind (see the script at the bottom of the page)
  • 3) Choose your emotions: Contrary to common beliefs emotions can be chosen. The only uncontrollable part of emotions is the initial unexpected shock. Right after that you can either chose to stay down and be a cry boy or to fight back and live like a warrior. As soon as you find your emotions changing remind yourself that you took the decision to be strong and you will be surprised to find your bad emotions becoming less intense
  • 4) Change your mental patterns: Instead of visualizing the worse case scenarios, over thinking or worrying just ask yourself that question: Will thinking do me any good now? and if the answer is no then ignore these thoughts, push them away and act as if they don't exist. Don't try to suppress the thoughts else they will come back stronger but instead push them away by stating clearly to your subconscious mind that they are of no use
  • 5) Look forward not backwards: Whenever you find your emotions about to change to the worse remind yourself that your plan will save you. People feel bad because they keep focusing on what they could have done instead of focusing about what they can still do. Even if you messed things up you can still change all that, you just need to look forward and not backwards

A script to numb your emotions

Here is an example script that you can use to numb your emotions. Sit in a quite place and repeat the following:

"My mind, i know that you are worried and concerned about my future as much as i am concerned. I know that failures, disappointments and rejections are hard to take but i also know that these bad emotions are going to do no good except for slowing us down.

I took an oath to make my dreams come true, i will never run and i will never escape. I am working on the plan, i will stick to it and i will even come up with a new one if needed.

But for the time being those emotions are doing nothing but making me feel bad and in order for me to continue what i began i need you to take them away. Make me strong that i don't get affected by these setbacks.Thank you"

Congrats, you have just numbed your emotions.

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