3 ways to never worry again

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why people fail to deal with worrying

The main reason people worry and fail to solve almost all emotional problems is that they either don't take actions or either take the wrong ones.

For the first instance you might think that you are not among the first category, who don't take actions, but when you get to know that trying to end worrying by meditation, yoga, positive thinking and all other "do nothing schools" puts you among the first group then you will realize the real problem.

To make it clear from the beginning i do support all these schools but only when they are used correctly. Lets suppose that you were worried about an important exam that you have to take.

According to the think positively and do nothing school you should just expect the best and do nothing and as you might have already guessed this will only lead to failing.

So positive thinking, mediation, yoga and all other similar techniques are there to help you feel better while you are following a practical plan that can help you end your worries. (see also Why you should right a plan)

To end the worrying resulting from that problem you need to study as much as you can then think positively or meditate in your spare time.

Escaping from worrying

Next comes one of the most popular reasons why people fail to deal with worrying which is taking the wrong actions. Contrary to the people in the first group the people in the second group actually take actions but the problem is that they take actions that aren't by any means related to their worries.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that travelling to change the mood, drinking to think less and even exercising can be among the wrong actions people take to solve the worrying problem.

Lets suppose that a lion managed somehow to sneak into your house, do you think drinking or watching TV can help you ease your worries?

Of course not because the only solution now is notifying authorities or even killing the lion yourself.

In short, the best way to combat worrying is to take actions that are directly related to the problem that made you worried.

how to never worry again

When you begin to worry know that your subconscious mind is trying to warn you about a danger that might or might not be real. In all cases the best way to calm your subconscious mind is to show it that you are prepared to deal with that problem.

Now lets put all of these information into practical steps that can help you deal with worrying forever.

  • 1) Step one: Know what your subconscious mind wants Does it want you to have another source of income because your current income source is unstable? Does it want you to see more people because its worried that you will end up alone? Does it want you to change some of your health risking habits?
  • 2) Step two: MOVE: In my previous article How to solve your life problems i said that the best thing you can do to solve any problem is to take actions. Lets suppose that you were worried about your ability to find a job. In such a case start improving your skills, learning new ones, reading books that are related to your flied, submitting your resume everyday to a new firm, contacting friends and relatives for possible job opportunities and so on. These actions won't just help you end your worries but they will improve your whole life
  • 3) Step three: Wait until the new plan gets absorbed by your subconscious mind: Your subconscious mind wont end your worrying right away before it makes sure that the new actions you are following are going to work. In other words if you were worried about an exam then deciding to study hard wont end your worries as much as studying hard for 5 consecutive days can (see also 5 Reasons you are feeling bad now)

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