Why some people like to be alone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why some people like to be alone

Why do some people like to be alone?
Why would someone prefer to stay alone rather than being with other people?
Why would someone love to stay at home instead of hanging out and seeing other people?

I knew someone who used to travel all alone without taking anyone with him and who used to tell me that he enjoys traveling alone. For the first instance those people might appear as if they are in love with themselves or that they are not that interested in others while in fact they might be suffering from many psychological problems that could be preventing them from interacting with others!

In this article i will tell you why do some people like to be alone.

The reason why some people like to be alone

Because human beings are complex no single reason can explain a certain behavior but instead more than one person can be engaged in the same behavior for completely different reasons.

Below are some reasons that could explain why would some people like to be alone, note that more than one reason can be present together in some cases:

  • Lack of social skills: Some people claim that they love to be alone because in fact they don't know what to do in the company of others. That's one of the popular self deception methods the human mind uses. Its better for the person to claim and even believe that he likes to be alone rather than admit that he can't communicate properly with others
  • Lack of social interest: We humans can't live on our own and we need each other to survive. Some people, who were mistreated by their caregivers, didn't manage to develop social interest and as a result started to like to be on their own rather than being with others (see Social interest theory)
  • Protective walls: Some people claim that they like to be alone because people are evil, not trustworthy or bad. Those people are usually the ones who suffered from poor past experiences and who didn't manage to get rid of the bad memories.(see How to get rid of bad memories)
  • Introversion and mental health: Recent researches are starting to put introversion under the category of mental disorders. When you find yourself really happy don't you feel like seeing your friends? on the other hand what do you feel like when you find yourself depressed? most probably you will want to stay in your room. Some people like to stay alone because they are introverts but introversion itself could be an indication that things are going the wrong way in your life.

Its normal that you like to stay alone from time to time

Note that i am not talking about people who like to stay alone from time to time but i am talking about those who always like to stay alone.

When someone faces a major problem or when things become messed up in his life he might feel like wanting to stay alone for a while to sort things out.

That's completely healthy and there is no problem at all with it, however, the real problem is when the desire to stay alone affects the person's social life in a bad way.

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