How do you get rid of bad memories

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How do you get rid of bad memories

Is it possible to get over bad memories?
Can the past be changed?
And if its possible, how do you get rid of bad memories?

One of the readers of 2knowmyself sent me a message telling me that his life is miserable because he has lots of bad memories that he can't get rid of.

Because of that message i decided to write this article to tell you all how to get rid of bad memories and to even turn them into good ones.

Getting rid of bad memories

Lets suppose that you never had money to buy the things that you wanted to buy up until you became 25 years old.

That's quite a bad memory that lasted for quite a long time. If you looked back you will find 25 years of bad memories behind your back, right?

Now lets suppose that you started a website that became as popular as facebook and so you became a billionaire at the age of 26. Will your bad memories affect you at this point? (see Becoming rich online).

In fact they will never affect you because their effect can't be felt anymore. You can get rid of bad memories by neutralizing the effect they have on your current mood.

To put it in another way, bad memories only hurt us when their effect can still be felt in our lives. (see How to forget the past)

This is how you can get rid of bad memories

You can never change the past or bad memories but you can change your present in a such a way that the bad memories never affect you anymore.

Here are few examples that will explain how you can get rid of a bad memories:

  • A bad memory of failure: Did you fail to reach a certain goal? Do you have a bad memory as a result? Then just do your best to succeed at what you failed to do and this bad memory will hurt you no more. (see How can i be successful)
  • Bad memory of rejection: The idea of starting 2knowmyself was rejected by my friends, relatives and almost all the people i know. Of course that resulted in lots of bad memories. I decided to keep trying and i managed to become a dot com millionaire because of that site and as a result i got rid of the bad memories to the extent that i feel good whenever i remember these rejections because they remind me of how persistent i was. (See my book How i did)
  • Bad memory of a relationship: In order to get rid of a bad memory that resulted from a relationship you only need to find a better one. As soon as you find yourself in a better relationship the old bad memory will never bother you anymore

Escapement and getting rid of bad memories

Some people think that improving their lives is too much work and that's why they refuse to try to do that and as a result they live with their bad memories.

If you are serious about getting rid of your bad memories then work on changing your present life and your bad memories won't affect you anymore.

You can't get rid of a bad memory but you can neutralize its effect in such a way that you feel nothing when you remember it.

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