How to analyze people's behavior

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to analyze people's behavior

This article is part II of my article How to analyze people's behavior. In the previous article i explained how the analysis of a person's behavior can lead to a deep understanding of his personality provided that sufficient knowledge about psychology is present.

In this article i will continue explaining how to analyze people's behavior by giving a another practical example.

Practical example for analyzing people's behavior

The first time i saw Sarah, not a real name, i noticed that she was only accompanying guys. I also noticed that she was talking about guy related topics and enjoying the talk so much.

For a normal girl such a conversation would have been so boring but for Sarah things were different. The first thing i concluded about her when i analyzed her behavior is that she doesn't like her feminine role and that's why she is trying to assume another role for herself.

When i collected further information i discovered that she was raised in a house that elevated the value of a man so much and degraded the value of women and that's why she started protesting against her gender. One extremely important factor you must notice when analyzing people's behavior is to understand how they were brought up at home since childhood experiences can permanently affect someone's future behavior. (see How childhood experiences affects adulthood)

One day i heard her saying that she is extremely interested in zodiac signs. As i said once in a previous article our interest in a subject is determined by our desire to compensate for the things we lack. Because Sarah lacked self understanding she developed a strong interest in zodiac signs so that she can compensate for her lack of knowledge about herself.

One important thing to note when analyzing someone's behavior is that people move in the direction that allows them to compensate for their perceived weaknesses.

More analysis of Sarah behavior

Sarah Was extremely competitive and always used to challenge people whenever possible. I concluded that she was the youngest kid in the family and i was right. The youngest kid always finds himself surrounded by more capable grown ups and siblings and thus becomes extremely competitive to compensate for his weakness.

When you analyze someone's behavior you should also relate it to his birth order.
One weird thing i noticed about Sarah is that even though she was competitive, extroverted and strong willed she got married to a guy who was shy, reserved and not that confident.

That further proves our analysis true. Sarah hated being a woman because she was taught that all women are weak and less important than men. Later on she only got attracted to weak men because that would give her the chance to become the dominant member in the family.

The final important note about analyzing people's behavior is that most people are never aware of the dynamics of their personality. Sarah was never aware of the reason that got her attracted to weak men because all of that happens on the unconscious level.

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