The ultimate solution to all of your problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people live unhappy lives

Before i tell you what's the ultimate solution to all life problems i have to first explain what life problems are.

All human beings have needs, some want to be rich, others want to be popular and a third group want happy relationships. Even though each person has a different need they all have one thing in common which is that they feel bad if that need was not satisfied.

There are hundreds of books about happiness out there but most of them were written by people who knew nothing about psychology. Do you know what real happiness is?

If you answered the question saying that real happiness is so and so then know that your answer was incorrect simply because that question's answer differs from one person to another.

In other words, your real happiness is the fulfillment of your own private important needs.

So why do people feel unhappy?
Is it because they don't fulfill these needs?

No, its just because they don't even move in a direction that helps them full their important needs!

How people escape from their problems

Here are three very popular cases we see in our everyday lives:

  • I hate my job: John's most important need is freedom. In weekends he loves to travel, explore new areas and live without rules. Each Sunday night he feels depressed without knowing why. Do you know why he is depressed? Its because each time he goes to work he goes against his most important need. On the other hand, its not wise to quit his job because after all he wants money, right? So what can John possibly do? Lets continue with the other cases before i tell you the answer
  • I hate being single: Sarah hates her life because she is single. She works at a draining job that consumes 12 hours of each of her days. She barley finds time to hang out with her friends or to attend the events they attend. Sarah's happiness lies in finding a good man but again she can't seem to find a possible solution.
  • I want to be Rich: Nate wants to be rich but he doesn't believe he will ever do it. Nate works as an accountant and while his job is not that draining it makes him bored to the max. Because of that problem Nate hangs out with friends almost everyday to get rid of that boredom he experiences in his job

The ultimate solution to all of your problems

So what should those 3 people do and what's the ultimate solution to their problems?

The great news i have for you is that you don't have to fulfill your unmet needs in order to become happy because as soon as you start allocating time to move towards your important needs you will feel much happier.(see The secret to happiness)

In other words, the three guys in the previous examples need to move in a direction that helps them meet their unmet needs. John must do his best to find another job that gives him freedom instead of wasting his weekends having fun.

Sarah must change her job and find another one that allows her to see more people while Nate needs to work on his own business some days and hang with his friends the other days instead of wasting all of his spare time having fun.

The message is simple, the ultimate solution to all life problems is resource allocation. Find out your unmet needs then allocate some of your time to move towards fulfilling them. (see also Tips for a happier life)

The number of hours you must allocate depend on your needs but as soon as you allocate the right number of hours you will feel great.

Important considerations

Your subconsciousness mind will not change your mood unless it sees you doing something. In other words, writing a plan might not change your mood as much as working on your plan for few days can.

Your subconscious mind needs some time before it can believe that you are following the plan with your heart.

The final point to note is that you must be working on a plan that you trust. If you don't really believe in your plan then all what you are going to experience are indifference, lack of motivation and disappointment.

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